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OMD July 31 Day Nail art challenge- Favorite polish

I love when this prompt comes up as I always have a different answer. My first love was Blues clue, then it was liberty. Now I am in love with Zoya danii, and no its not cause it is my name shortened. I attempted my first cherry blossom nail art with a gradient of danii and tropicalia

Omd july nail art challenge Day 10- Favorite polishZoya danii

Wet N wild tropicalia

Brown, white, and pink acrylic paint

OMD Nail art challenge 2014

OMD July 31 day challenge- Jelly

Peanut Butter Jelly Time ! Peanut Butter Jelly Time ! I don’t own many jelly polishes, to be honest I only have one and it is black and I did not want to do another black mani. I looked on Google for some inspiration and saw peanut butter and jelly sandwich nails and said yes!. Now I do not like jelly or jam I am a plan peanut butter  sandwich girl, don’t ask as I have other weir food issues ( don’t ask about eggs).

Here is the original image:

peanut butter and jelly nailsMy nail art:

OMD july nail art challenge Day 9- JellyKlean Colors dessert

dark brown acrylic paint

Zoya danii

Klean Colors Gold bright

OMD Nail art challenge July 2014

Zoya Dannii, Giovanna, and Dahlia swatches

My Zoya polishes came in from the 3 free sale that they were running. I think I am now going to try and buy polish of names of the women in my life and see how my collection turns out. ( with a extra pixie dust here and there as a treat)

First up danii– Zoya describes it as: Medium orchid purple with pink and champagne highlights and flecks of silver metallic shimmer. I was looking for Danielle, but it appears they are no longer making it so I settled for my Nickname its not spelled the same, but it is close enough.

dannii swatch

giovanna– Zoya describes is as as: a stunning emerald green metallic. I picked this one as my daughters name is Giavanna.

Giovanna swatch

dahlia– Zoya describes it as:a black beauty with a sugared sparkle

dahlia swatch Dahlia swatch part 2