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Muli-colored animal print mani

This is not an original design, but I saved it on my phone cause I wanted to see what it would look like on almond shape nails.

Here is an image of the base colors:

rainbow maniHere is the mani with the zebra and leopard print over it ( it is on different hands as I forgot to take the picture before I started doing the design on it.):

rainbow mani with animal printWet N wild i need a refresh-mint

Ruby Kisses barbie purple

NYX dark purple

L’Oreal goldilocks

Pure Ice hot tamale

Ruby Kisses pink flamingo

Ruby Kissestropical green


acrylic paint

OMD July 31 Day Nail Art Challenge- Day 17 Galaxy

Galaxy is on of my favorite mani’s to do. You never get the same look twice and and you can play around with all sorts of colors. I painted 5 different base colors on my nails and used the same 3 colors to make my galaxy. I then covered it with glitter. I love how it looks like it all flows together, my favorite one yet.

OMD july nail art challenge Day 17 galaxy

with flash

with flash

Claire bright lights big city

NYC French tip white

NYX dark purple

Ruby Kisses Blues clue

Sinful Colors endless blue

Sinful Colors midnight blue

NYC starry silver glitter

OMD Nail art challenge 2014

Orange and Purple Stripes

Here is another one of my creations from browsing through a magazine. A girl had on a knee lenght orange and gold sweater dress and I thought the colors would look great on my nails. Again I wish I took the time to draw straight lines and take my time. I did not wait long enough for the polish to dry before putting on a top coat hence where the streaks came from.

Orange and purple stripesMaybeline goldilocks

NYX dark purple

I was not as proud of this mani as I thought I was going to be so I added my new glitter topper to the  mix, Wet n Wilds  stick it to the man it has a clear base with teal, green, and blue hexagon, and orange square glitter. The formula was a bit watery, but I love the color combo.

stick it to the man over stripes


Nail-Art-A-Go-Go: Hearts

I actually am caught up and not behind, I just did not post yesterday as we had this huge snow storm and I was enjoying my lazy day off of work. For yesterdays challenge is key to my heart I got the idea off of Nails magazine’s web site.

nail-art-a-go-go hearts

with flash

with flash

Sorry for the bumpy look, my sponge came apart during my gradient, anyone have any ideas on how to stop that from happening? I tried the putting in water before putting the polish on and I still have the problem.

NYX dark purple

Avon pronto purple

Avon luxe lavender

Wet n Wild on a trip

white acrylic paint

pink gems

gnarly gnails nail art challenge

#31DC2013- Violet Nails

I had this intricate design that I wanted to do for today, but it ended up looking like a checkered board again and I did that already for the green nails. So I just did some simple stripes.

31dc2012-Violet nailsI got bored of it fairly quickly and decided to paint over it with solid purple and do a light stripe of light purple acrylic paint to add some kind jazz it up. Don’t mind the smudges I work a 11 hour shift and fell asleep waiting for the top coat to dry.

31dc2013 purple nailsWet n Wild on a trip

NYX dark purple


OMD 31 day nail art challenge day 28 Inspired by a TV show

“Fighting evil by moonlight
Winning love by daylight
Never running from a real fight
She is the one named Sailor Moon”

For those of you that don’t know me I am a huge Sailor Moon fan! I have been following it since I was in middle school. I think cause she was my first girl superhero. I even heard talk that they are bringing it back this year. Sooooo excited. Here is a pick of the girls.

sailormoonI decided to base my nail art on the two cats Luna and Artemis.  Luna belongs to Sailor Moon ( the pony tailed blond) and Artemis belongs to Sailor Venus ( the other blonde).

luna and artemisI got the image tutorial for the nail art from a friend. ( ( there was not link so I could tell the person I copied this. If you know who did this let me know so  I can give credit )  It’s great that people send me ideas now and things I should try. Sorry for how small the cats are I still have to work on my sizing of things, they either are too big or too small.


omd nail art challenge day 28 inspired by a tv show

Funky Fingers berried treasure

NYX dark purple

Ruby Kisses French white

OMD 31 day nail art challenge Day 19 Glitter

Glitter! I love it so much,but I hated when it came up today for the challenge.I have way too many glitter polishes to choose from and could not decide on one.  I ended up settling on NYX Enchanted Forest it is a pretty polish with fine green and gold glitter. After that I ended up with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! My favorite was always Michelangelo.

omd 31 day nail art challenge day 19 glitterNYX enchanted forrest

NYX ruby red

Essie Aruba Blue

NYX dark purple

Pure Ice hot tamale

Ruby Kisses French white