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#31DC2013-Orange Nails

Whoop so far so good 2 days 2 entries. It seems once it gets to the middle I fall a little behind. Anywho today same as yesterday nothing special.I just did a blue base with my favorite color Liberty and added some orange dots down the middle. I don’t like how the picture makes Liberty look,, but in person it is gorgeous.

#31DC2013-Orange Nails


Funky Fingers atomic poppy


OMD 31 day nail art challenge Day 13 stars

I have yet to do a galaxy mani, I was excited to try it out!

omd nail art challenge Day 13 stars

Ruby Kisses pure black

Klean Color whiter than white

Ruby Kisses yellowed out

Wet n Wild shameless

Wet n Wild blazed

Avon luxe lavender

Kiss striper pearl gold

Dotting tool

I wanted to add more details so I did a different zodiac sign for the people in my life. I tried as best I could with the space and lack of skill that I have to make it exactly how it is supposed to be.

Gemini- My mom and me

omd nail art challenge Day 13 stars-gemini


Leo for my bro, Scorpio for my daughter, Aquarius for my nephew and Capricorn for my cats (yes my cats)

omd nail art challenge Day 13 stars2


OMD 31 day nail art challenge Day 5-Skittle mani

I posted 2 today as it would be weird for me to walk around with 4th of July nails tomorrow.


I have never done a skittle mani before and had to look this one up. From what I read you can either have each of your nails a different color or have different designs on each nail. I have seen others with different designs on each of their nails and think its pretty. I though in head that if I tried that it would look like chaos.

I gave it a shot and liked what came out, I think it worked as I had a theme in mind which was 4th of July.I did everything I could think of stripes, dots,gradient, and stamping, Even Used nail polish called Fireworks.

OMD nail art challenge Day 5

Ruby Kisses red cameo

Ruby Kisses French white

Ruby Kisses regaled out blue

Hard Candyfireworks

Kiss Striper in red

Kiss Striper in blue

Bundle Monster plate BM20

Happy Mothers Day!

Mother's Day (2)


I know I am a few days behind but on Sat. we decided to take my mom to dinner instead of waiting on Sunday for the long lines.


Well that was a dumb idea everyone and their mother ( pun intended) thought the same thing. We tried 3 different restaurants before we found one that was not a hour wait.

On Sunday I had a nice relaxing day at home with my daughter. I got breakfast made in bed and got to sleep in. Here are the nails I did for mothers day.

mothers day nails

Base Coat: The Color Workshop romance

Tips & Dots: Ruby Kisses French white

Rose: Bundle Monster image plate BM14 Ruby Kisses red cameo

Dotting tool

A lot of smudging on the tips as I did them in a hurry as I was going out Saturday Night.

5-13-2013 12-22-52 PM

April 30 day nail art challenge Day 9:Polka Dots

I really like this design. I got the inspiration off of google by typing in the search Clown polka dot backgrounds. I used a dotting tool to make all the dots.

left hand

left hand

right hand

right hand


Base Coat: Ruby Kisses yellowed out

Polka Dots: Ruby Kisses HD whiter than white,NYC high line green,NYX ruby red,Essie Aruba Blue.


Base coat:Ruby Kisses Teal Envy

Polka Dots:NYC high line green,Ruby Kisses Blues clue,Pure Ice hot tamaleNYX ruby red


Base Coat: Ruby Kisses HD whiter than white

Polka Dots: NYC high line green,Ruby Kisses Blues clue,NYX ruby red, Ruby Kisses yellowed out.


Base Coat:Ruby Kisses Blues clue

Polka dots:Essie Aruba Blue,NYX ruby red,Ruby Kisses yellowed out,Ruby Kisses HD whiter than white


Base Coat:NYC high line green

Polka Dot:Essie Aruba Blue and Ruby Kisses yellowed out

right hand

right hand

Same Colors used so only mentioning names:


Base Coat: yellowed out

Polka Dots:ruby red,hot tamale,high line green,Blues clue


Base Coat:high line green

Polka Dots:Aruba Blue,yellowed out,hot tamale,ruby red


Base Coat:Blues clue

Polka Dots:yellowed out and ruby red


Base Coat:ruby red

Polka Dots:Aruba Blue,yellowed out,Blues clue, hot tamale


Base Coat:Teal Envy

Polka Dots: whiter than white,ruby red,Aruba Blue