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DWTS inspired mani- Emma

I am a bit behind with my inspired DWTS  manis. This one was inspired by Emma’s outfit. They did a partner swap and she was dancing with Tommy Chong. I wanted to do a half moon jamaican mani, but it did not turn out the way I pictured it in my head.


Here is Emma in her sexy outfit:


emma ( jamaicin)

Here is my mani:

jamaicin half moon mani



The Color WorkShopInto the Night


Ruby kissesNeon green

Pure Ice siren

Side note : This dance with Val and Janel was so beautiful I had to watch it twice and want to share it.



DWTS inspired mani- spider webs

DWTS just had their Halloween special on Monday and it was great! I got inspired by the orange and blue spider web background they had up in between dances that it inspired me to to a some what similar mani.

Here is a view of the backdrop they were using when interviewing people:


Boarder mani before adding spider webs:

orange and blue glitter boarder mani


The Final look:



Funky Fingers atomic poppy

Pure Ice wide awake

white acrylic paint

I did did a full set of acrylic nails this time and I felt that I did a great job the acrylic was nice and flat and not bumpy, but the nails still keep popping off when I  Am I not using enough glue? Not enough acrylic? Any tips would help a girl out.


DWTS is back! Mark and Sadie

Yay, My show is back on! Time to watch beautiful dancing and get inspired to do some nail art again. The stars are exciting this season .They  have the guy who played Carlton on The Fresh Prince of Bell-Air, fashion designer Betsy Johnson, and for you NASCAR fans Micheal Waltrip and many more.

I got inspired for this mani by Mark Ballas’s bow tie as he was doing is dance with Sadie Robertson from Duck Dynasty . Her is a the inspirational photo of Mark.

dwts mark


Yes, I have a few broken nails ( money is tight this week), but that was not going to stop me from painting my nails.

DWTS inspired by bowtie

Wet N wild tropicalia

Pure Ice wild thing

NYC French tip white

black acrylic paint

Nail polish from Hawaii- Orange Pop + DWTS inspired mani Whitney’s jacket

One of my co-workers went away to Hawaii for vacation and brought me back a bottle of nail polish. Totally working on my around the World  nail polish collection , so far I have a bottler from Paris, and a  few from South Carolina. I’m not counting Pennsylvania as I live here. This polish did not come with a manufacture name, but did come in a cute bottle with a hibiscus flower engraved  on the top of the lid.

orange pop is a orange red cream base polish. I had to take a image of my left had as I already started the nail art on my right and forgot to take a photo.

orange pop swatch

Inspiration for this mani came from one of the professional dancers ( Whitney) warm-up jacket.  I should have stuck to the pink as I originally wanted, but I am trying to swatch all my new colors. My lines could have been crisper and I was rushing to finish so I could eat dinner. Will have to try this again in a different way.

whitneys jacketDWTS inspired mani whitney's jacket

DWTS inspired mani whitney's jacket pt 2

this picture shows more of the reddish hue

orange pop

black acrylic paint

DWTS inspired mani- Peta and James

So much eye candy this season I can’t even contain it! This mani is inspired by Peta and her celebrity partner James Maslow. He is from the group Big Time Rush, never saw them or heard them, but I have a Big Time Crush. He is so yummy and have you have to see his body, but I degrees this is a nail art blog.

Their dance this week was for most memorable moment and his was that he was a chubby kid and was made fun of  and how determined he was to turn his life around ( and boy did he!). Peta and James outfits were some blinged out plaid nerd outfits.

peta and james week 3

Dwts inspired nails- peta and james week 3NYX siren

acrylic paint

Ruby Kisses blinged out

DWTS inspired nails-Troupe dancers week 3

Did I mention that I love this show? This week theme was to Dance to their most memorable moment. No line I cried watching Amy and Derek’s Dance to her dedicating it to her dad. She lost both her legs as a result of Meningitis and has been just amazing on the show with her prosthetic legs.

My inspiration for this Mani was from the troupe dancers who dance during intermission. Their dresses were red with crystals, but the bottom border had a black and white trim. ABC has not released pictures yet, but I will put it up once they do.


red, black and white frenchNYX siren

Ruby Kisses French white

Salley Hansen I ❤ nail art pens black

Black, White, Pink border mani

Yay, so happy Dancing With the Stars is back on! The cast they have this year is great and I am having a hard time picking who I think is going to win. I am team Maks though he is so yummy!


I got the inspiration for this mani from one of the backgrounds on the video screen while one of the couples were dancing. I really wish my borders were not as thick, but I still like the way it turned out.

black, white, and pink border mani

Nail polish by H&M manhunter

Sinful Colors 24/7

White acrylic paint