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I’m Batgirl

I loooooooooove Halloween. With working all this overtime I was able to do two costumes this year. My bar costume( if you missed it it is here) and my work costume.

i'm batgirl 2

Halloween The only time you can were your dork T-shirt and call it a costume at work.

i'm batgirl I totally had to do my nails to match my outfit. I got the ideas from The Nail Artiste tutorial which you can view here.

batman nail art batman nail art 2NYX grey

H& M manhunter

Yellow and black acrylic paint

Here is a photo of what my little mini me is being

gi the egyptian

April 30 day nail art challenge Day 16: Tribal

So I have not done a official tribal nail art design and there is just so many things you can do. I decided to do a Egyptian theme.

april 30 day nail art challenge day 16  tribal

Thumb: Klean ColorGold bright with Ruby Kisses HD tinkerbell teal

Index: tinkerbell teal and NYX gold glitter

Middle Finger: Gold bright Sinful Colors Black on black 1

Ring Finger: tinkerbell teal  and Gold bright

Pinky: Gold bright and Black on black 1