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April 30 day nail art challenge Day 24 : Tape mani

april 30 day nail art challenge day 24 tape mani

So I am a day behind and posting this kinda late. I got my idea from the cell phone game free flow. It is uber addicting game. The point of the game is to connect one color dot to another without crossing lines(colors) and filling in all the black squares.

Ruby Kisses red cameo

Ruby Kisses pure black

Ruby Kisses orange u over

Ruby Kisses yellowed out

Essie Aruba Blue

N.Y.C. high line green

Striping tape

Here is a video of what the game looks like

April 30 day nail art challenge Day 9:Polka Dots

I really like this design. I got the inspiration off of google by typing in the search Clown polka dot backgrounds. I used a dotting tool to make all the dots.

left hand

left hand

right hand

right hand


Base Coat: Ruby Kisses yellowed out

Polka Dots: Ruby Kisses HD whiter than white,NYC high line green,NYX ruby red,Essie Aruba Blue.


Base coat:Ruby Kisses Teal Envy

Polka Dots:NYC high line green,Ruby Kisses Blues clue,Pure Ice hot tamaleNYX ruby red


Base Coat: Ruby Kisses HD whiter than white

Polka Dots: NYC high line green,Ruby Kisses Blues clue,NYX ruby red, Ruby Kisses yellowed out.


Base Coat:Ruby Kisses Blues clue

Polka dots:Essie Aruba Blue,NYX ruby red,Ruby Kisses yellowed out,Ruby Kisses HD whiter than white


Base Coat:NYC high line green

Polka Dot:Essie Aruba Blue and Ruby Kisses yellowed out

right hand

right hand

Same Colors used so only mentioning names:


Base Coat: yellowed out

Polka Dots:ruby red,hot tamale,high line green,Blues clue


Base Coat:high line green

Polka Dots:Aruba Blue,yellowed out,hot tamale,ruby red


Base Coat:Blues clue

Polka Dots:yellowed out and ruby red


Base Coat:ruby red

Polka Dots:Aruba Blue,yellowed out,Blues clue, hot tamale


Base Coat:Teal Envy

Polka Dots: whiter than white,ruby red,Aruba Blue

Pre- Spring Nail art Challenge Day 9 Rainbows

I had a image in my head what I wanted this to look like, but it did not turn out to well. Oh! well…….

pre spring nail art challenge dy 9 rainbow

Base Coat- Klean Color White

NYX-:Ruby Red

Ruby Kisses: Orange U Over?

Klean Color: Neon Yellow

NYC- High Line Green

Essie: Aruba Blue

Avon- Luxe Lavender

NYX- Dark Purple

pre spring nail art challenge day 9 rainbow 2

I tried to add a Music note stamp and draw some on as well but it did not work out. Pic is bad as well ( god I want my camera back)

Image plate: Shany SH19

Color: SinfulColors Black on Black

Pre-Spring nail art challenge day 6 sun

I was pretty stoked for this challenge all day I was thinkng sunsets. I’m pretty happy how the sponging gradients worked out.

pre spring nail art challenge day 6 sun

Ocean: Essie Aruba Blue and NYX Dark Purple

Sunset: Pure Ice Excuse Me and Siren

Palm Tree: SinfulColors Black on Black

Pre-Spring Challenge Day 5 Sky

I was really excited for this one as I wanted to try a idea I had in my head out. The idea was to paint my nails in a silver color and paint it over with a blue crackle polish. Then I was going to make clouds at the top of the nail to make it appear like lightning. It makes sense in my mind but I could not figure out how to make it work in real life. Oh well ….I ended up doing lightning. I love storms and lightning is one of my favortie things to look at in the sky.

pre spring nail art challenge day 5 sky

Base coat: SinfulColors Black on Black

Gradient (sponge): Santee Plus Sky Blue, then SinfulColors Let’s Talk,  next Essie Aruba Blue.

Lightning Bolt: Ruby Kisses HD Whiter than White

Glitter: Kiss striper Pearl Gold

Sorry for the crappy pic. Still waiting for my camera to be mailed back to me. The pic does not show the sponge gradient I did behing the lightning bolt.