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Day 12- Harvest

More like day 20 I was so procrastinating. If I get a laptop for x-mas I can work on this at home ( Santa that was a hint)   Was struggling with this one as to what to do thought of a strands of wheat ( ha) then corn ( ha ha) then thought a cornucopia ( ha ha ha, can not draw). I saw a lot of people did a sunflower so that is what I opted to do.

1-8-2013 3-19-09 PM 1-8-2013 3-19-45 PM

Base Coat- NYC High Line Green

Seeds- Ruby Kisses HD Chocolate Romance

Petals- Klean Color Neon Yellow

Day 11- Autumn dots

Today’s challenge I struggled with, I did not know if I wanted to do a base coat with dots on it or if I wanted to do a design with dots. I opted for the design with dots. I used a base coat of Ruby Kisses HD Tinkerbell Teal.

Then I used Ruby Kisses HD chocolate romance to make a tree. Then I used dots of Pure Ice Siren, Ruby Kisses HD Spicy Apricot, Klean Color Dessert, and Klean Color Neon yellow to make leaves.

Day 10-Favorite sweater

Todays challenge is favorite sweater. I was never really a sweater chick, but i soon came to the conclusion I would rather be warm than cute. My favorite sweater right now is my grey and black stripped scoop neck. Pictures monday. I used NYX gray for a base coat and used NYX black for the stripes.


Ignore that lack of clean up I was rushing and had to go somewhere and I forgot to take a pic of the sweater 😦

Day 9- Fall Ombre/ Gradient

So I had  bunch of ideas that did not pan out so I just decided to do something simple. I got a idea that from a wall paper I saw with a ombre of the colors leaves change through out their life.

I used NYX hunter green for the thumb, Ruby Kisses Yellowed out, Orange U Over?, and Red Cameo for the index, middle, and ring finger.And finally Bonita 1am for the pinky.


Day 8- Halloween

Was very happy that this challenge came up, I had a nail design that I wanted to do last Halloween but I subsittued it for my peacock nails to match my Halloween costume. The eyeball design I got from The WAH book of nails. I used a base coat of Ruby Kisses HD white on white.

Then I made a circular blob in the middle of each nail using NYX grey, Ruby Kisses Neon Green, Klean Color Dessert, Ruby Kiss Blues Clue, and Ruby Kisses HD Chocolate Romance. I then made a smaller black circular blob in the middle of each color to make a pupil using NYX black. In the corner of the  black I did a dot of Sally Hansen nail art pen white to make it like a reflection. For the final part I used Kiss nail striper Ruby Slippers to make veins.

Day 7- Pumpkins

For todays challenge I used a base coat of Ruby Kisses HD Spicy Apricot.

Then I used Nailene perfect tips ” French tip polish guide to make half moons on the bottom of my nail, its like a sticker that helps border off the nail so you do not mess up your design. I used NYX black for the half moons. I then made a pumpkin face using black nail gems and added a green holographic flower to use as the stem at the top of the nail.