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Heart Bling + My South Carolina Trip

I saw this super cute nail design while looking on Google for nailspiration.I just had to match it to my dress I was wearing for my cousins 50th birthday party.  The pink gems are supposed to be a heart. It might have went better if I had smaller gems. We went on a lovely dinner boat ride with 64 of my other relatives.

heart blingheart bling with flash

This is the dress I wore it was very sheer in the front and had a high slit up the side:

sunset pic

While we were pulling out for the dinner boat tour we saw a double rainbow. So we knew we were not doomed to crash as it was a good omen. No lie I was feeling like doing a Leo Dicaprio moment  on the front of the boat due how windy it was it would have been perfect.double rainbow

The food was just delish. The offered your choice of swordfish, steak, chicken, and quail. Me wanting to broaden my horizons chose the quail. Not much meat on the little bird, but it was tasty. The thing that pulled it all together was the white chocolate creme brulee.

white chocolate creme brulee

The dog came along with us again and behaved himself very well. He is so good at car rides! Here is a picture of him sleeping sitting up.

pooped pooch

Revlon knockout

Pink, clear and blue gems

Orly-Gravity Bound swatch + mani

I have come to realize that I keep buying all of these polishes and have yet to wear more than half of them. well that is going to change. I am trying to add more structure to my blog, not sure why as I work better with chaos.

I nabbed Orly gravity bound from my local Sally’s Beauty supply mostly because the colors reminded me of a peacock. It has a dark blue shimmery base with purple and white hexagon glitter.

gravity bound swatchI could not just leave the polish as is so just added some gems to the middle of the nail . It’s prettier in person 🙂

gems on gravity bound

Shiny Easter Eggs

Not much to say here. Used some striping tape and multi colored gems to make Easter eggs.

shiny easter egg

Thumb:Maybeline Color show Orange fix

Pointer finger: Ruby Kisses Blues Clue

Middle: Ruby Kisses Yellowed Out

Ring: Wet n Wild On a Trip

Pinky: Ruby Kisses Tropical Blend

Green and Silver Striping tape

Multi colored ghems

Anti-Bullying day

Today is anti-bullying day. I will not lie in the past have have not bullied someone but I have said things I should not have about another or said something behind someones back that was hurtful. I have grown from that and do have a better understanding that it’s not cool to hurt someones feelings . The color for anti-bullying is purple so I did a nail design with NYX Dark Purple and added a orange gem to the middle of my nail. I was rushing so it did turn out sloppier than I wanted.

Wah Nails Gemstone Rain

So I have not artistic talent at all and needed help with ideas and such and how to improve on some of the things I liked to work on. I purchased The WAH Nails book it has awesome ideas and the nail designs are beautiful if some are not a little out there ( the eye ball I will do closer to Halloween).  So the first on that I tried ever on my nails was the the WAH design Gemstone rain. What I did first was a gradient nail design I did Avon’s Luxe  Lavender and Avon’s Viva Pink. Next the design asked that you put on 3 different size gems in multiple colors throughout the nail. It turned out beautiful and has to be one  of my favorite nail designs.