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Still behind on the challenges boy it’s tough to catch up!  So hard to figure out what I wanted to do with glitter as I have so many polishes to choose from.  I opted for the easy approach. lease don’t scream at the damage to my nails I am looking all over on line how to strengthen them and not have this happen again.



Ruby Kisses tropical green

Pure Ice never satisfied





Pure Ice Irreplaceable and Never Satisfied swatches

pure ice logoI am half and half with the Pure Ice brand I love their glitter polishes and other effects, but their regular polish pisses me off , it takes forever to dry. Even when I think I wait a half our and go to move around  I still get smudges.

I’ve been a bad girl and bought more polish that I don’t need. I had to grab these 2 as they were glitter and the names both fit my personality.

First up:irreplaceable – it consist of a sheer black base  glitter with tiny black glitter and medium silver hexagons.

Irreplaceable swatch

Next :never satisfied– It consist of a clear base coat with tiny blue glitter and purple,pink, and gold hexagon glitter.

never satisfied swatch

OMD 31 day nail art challenge Day 19 Glitter

Glitter! I love it so much,but I hated when it came up today for the challenge.I have way too many glitter polishes to choose from and could not decide on one.  I ended up settling on NYX Enchanted Forest it is a pretty polish with fine green and gold glitter. After that I ended up with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! My favorite was always Michelangelo.

omd 31 day nail art challenge day 19 glitterNYX enchanted forrest

NYX ruby red

Essie Aruba Blue

NYX dark purple

Pure Ice hot tamale

Ruby Kisses French white

Look away

I am so in love with how shiny my nails are today I might leave it on for a few days. Pictures can not describe how sparkly my nails are right now. And don’t think about going out in sunlight, I am just blinging all over the place.

I am shocked at how well this pic came out  I did not use any lights or flash and it looks great!

red week - red with blue glitterBase Coat: NYX Ruby Red

Glitter: Ruby Kisses Baby Blue

Hello Sydney….

So I’m back on my Halloween kick and was feeling like I do not use my Konad nail plates as often as I like. So I opted to use my Konda nail plate that had the Ghost  face from scream.

shany image plate SH02

The color I used as a base coat was Sinful Colors Black on Black

Next, while the middle finger was still wet I sprinkled Avon’s iridescent nail glitter.

I then proceeded to place the ghost face stamp on my nails in White by Klean colors.