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Work X-mas party

Today is the day after my job Christmas party and I am just proud that this time I came in hangover less. The official office party was great as we played the  Let’s Make a Deal game that I put together for the company.  Drinks were flowing, phone numbers were exchanged, love triangles were found out, and new friends were made. My mani for the party was not muss or fuss, just green and red glitter over white.

Christmas mani 2014

NYC French tip white

My Beauty Spotgreen glitter

My Beauty Spotred glitter

My elf hoodie was hit or miss some people liked it some people thought it was ugly. I told them all I really didn’t care what they though I bought it and I liked it.

elf hoodie

Nail-Art-A-Go-Go: Inner Geek

It’s no secret that I am addicted to the show Sailor Moon. I have heard talk that they are bringing it back on TV so am catching up with all the old episodes I missed as a kid. My mani today was the inspired by each of the main characters signs for the plant they represent, the major girls are Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus, and Sailor Mercury.

My base colors were the colors to match each girl pink, red,blue,orange, and green with matching glitter on top.

nail-art-a-go-go inner geek base coat

wide awake over why not

orna-ment for each other over mandarin magic

pinky glitter over i think in pink

green Glitter over hunter greenred Glitter over siren

Then I dabbled a dot of white acrylic paint in the middle of the nail and painted in the planet sign for each of the girls. ( please ignore Venus’s sign as my orange dried out and I had to make orange by mixing my red and yellow.

nail-art-a-go-go inner geek

with flash

with flash


gnarly gnails nail art challenge