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DWTS inspired mani- spider webs

DWTS just had their Halloween special on Monday and it was great! I got inspired by the orange and blue spider web background they had up in between dances that it inspired me to to a some what similar mani.

Here is a view of the backdrop they were using when interviewing people:


Boarder mani before adding spider webs:

orange and blue glitter boarder mani


The Final look:



Funky Fingers atomic poppy

Pure Ice wide awake

white acrylic paint

I did did a full set of acrylic nails this time and I felt that I did a great job the acrylic was nice and flat and not bumpy, but the nails still keep popping off when I  Am I not using enough glue? Not enough acrylic? Any tips would help a girl out.


I Vant to Suck your Blood

Yay! Its Halloween season and trying to get together ideas of what to be. I really want to do the barbie in a box thing, but it does consist of a lot of work. I will show my thoughts and ideas at the bottom of the page. I decided to do Vampire nails to get myself more in the spirit of the month. I got the tutorial from Rock Your Locks.  Instead of putting vampire fangs on each of my nails I decided to space them out and used red glitter to represent blood.

vampire nails

vampire nails with flash

with flash

Revlon knockout

Wet n Wild once upon a time

white acrylic paint



Halloween costume ideas

Idea # 1 ( barbie in a box MY FIRST CHOICE)

barbie idea

idea # 2 ( carmen sandiego)

carmen-sandiego idea

Idea# 3 ( the little mermaid)

ariel idea

Idea #4 ( birthday cake)

bday cake idea

Idea 5 # ( super woman)

super girl idea

I’m Batgirl

I loooooooooove Halloween. With working all this overtime I was able to do two costumes this year. My bar costume( if you missed it it is here) and my work costume.

i'm batgirl 2

Halloween The only time you can were your dork T-shirt and call it a costume at work.

i'm batgirl I totally had to do my nails to match my outfit. I got the ideas from The Nail Artiste tutorial which you can view here.

batman nail art batman nail art 2NYX grey

H& M manhunter

Yellow and black acrylic paint

Here is a photo of what my little mini me is being

gi the egyptian

N.A.I.L.- Hallow E’en

OMG I think is the first N.A.I.L. post that I did it the week it was supposed to be done and not the week after! Again I know I should take more time to do these and would have a better turn out, but I was doing so much rushing around that I can’t sit still to dedicate nail time.

I got inspired by this background:

halloween background

Here it is in normal lighting ( work) :

N.A.I.L. Hallowe e'enI did a gradient using white and 2 of my orange polishes. Then painted the ground, the tree ( if that’s what you want to call it), and the crosses with black acrylic paint.  I used nail polish for my stamps on my pinky and pointer finger.

For my thumb I tried to paint a house.

N.A.I.L. hallow e'enI decided to take a picture without any lights over my nail and it looks like it is glowing ( no black lights or special effects were used)

N.A.I.L. hallow e'en glowingL.A. Color energy source

Ruby Kisses orange u over

NYX hot tamale

black acrylic paint

orange acrylic paint

Shany image plate SH02

Bundle Monster plate BM13

N.A.I.L.- october2013

N.A.I.L.- Treats and Sweets

I love Halloween candy my ultimate fave is candy corn. I have done 2 manis with it before so tried to steer away from it. I opted to do caramel apples. I am not a fan of this Halloween treat nor have I ever had one.  I opted to do all my nails to look like red apple with caramel dripping down and the accent nail as a green apple. Definitely need to work on my drips, but it does not help that I was doing this at 3:00 in the morning watching scary movies. Sorry for the lack of clean up.

n.a.i.l. treats and sweetsRuby Kisses Neon green

NYX  ruby red

Klean Color dessert

N.A.I.L.- october2013

N.A.I.L.- Things That go Bump in the Night

When I read what the challenge was for last week I could not get the line Lions, and Tigers and Bears, oh my out of my head, idk why as it has nothing to do with things that go bump in the night. I thought of doing mummies for a while and saw some cool water marbling ones that I wanted to try. I did a practice nail and it did not turn out so well, so I decided to free hand it.

I tired my mummy first with a dark grey polish and decided it didn’t look right.

N.a.i.l. things that go bump in the night dark grey I went over it with light grey acrylic paint and loved it. It gave it a dirty mummy look.

n.a.i.l. things that go bump in the night final lookNYX grey

H&M manhunter

Light grey acrylic paint

white acrylic paint

N.A.I.L.- october2013


I know the bloody finger print has been done before, but not by me 🙂 I just wanted something quick and easy to do as I was dead tired from work.

I did my left hand with less red nail polish and the right hand with more. I like the lesser polish more.

(Please excuse my dry hands I forgot to put lotion on before taking the picture)

red rum 1red rum 2

L.A. Colors energy sourceNYX ruby red