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Tropical Gradient

Wow, I have been gone for a long time. So much has happen. I have moved twice, gotten back with the ex, been laid off from my job, and working somewhere new. I have not really painted my nails in a long time , but this new place feels like home and I am inspired again.

I saw this post somewhere else and loved the colors and tried to recreate it my way. Whomever did this I wish I could extend the credit. I had it in my to try folder for so long that I don’t remember what I searched to find it.


Wet N Wild- i need a refresh-mint

Ruby Kisses – yellowed out

Ruby Kisses –pink flamingo

SinfulColors- 24/7

Pure Ice- hot tamale

Acrylic paint



Nail-Art-A-Go-Go: Abstract (splatter.popart.cubism)

Still behind, but I am going to finish this challenge even if it kills me ( geez its not even that serious.) For abstract I went a little funky and just did any thing that came to mind. I got 2 compliments off of it so I guess it served its purpose for the day.

nail-art-a-go-go abstract

H&M manhunter

O.P.I. i think in pink

Pure Ice hot tamale

N.Y.C.  lexington yellow

Ruby Kisses French white

Avon coral reef

Wet n Wild blazed

Ruby Kisses tangerine

blue acrylic paint

gnarly gnails nail art challenge

Nail-Art-A-Go-Go: Sweets

5 hours , I repeat 5 hours. That was how long it took me to complete the mani for today’s challenge. I started at 5 and did not finish till 9. It did not help that I was watching The Three Musketeers while I was waiting for the paint to dry . I decided I wanted to do a swirl lollipop for my sweet.

The inspiration is this:

swirl lollipopTo attempt the design I watch a YouTube Video which you can see here .

nail-art-a-go-go sweets

with flash

with flash

Pure Ice hot tamale

acrylic paint

Bonita diamond white

gnarly gnails nail art challenge

N.A.I.L.- Hallow E’en

OMG I think is the first N.A.I.L. post that I did it the week it was supposed to be done and not the week after! Again I know I should take more time to do these and would have a better turn out, but I was doing so much rushing around that I can’t sit still to dedicate nail time.

I got inspired by this background:

halloween background

Here it is in normal lighting ( work) :

N.A.I.L. Hallowe e'enI did a gradient using white and 2 of my orange polishes. Then painted the ground, the tree ( if that’s what you want to call it), and the crosses with black acrylic paint.  I used nail polish for my stamps on my pinky and pointer finger.

For my thumb I tried to paint a house.

N.A.I.L. hallow e'enI decided to take a picture without any lights over my nail and it looks like it is glowing ( no black lights or special effects were used)

N.A.I.L. hallow e'en glowingL.A. Color energy source

Ruby Kisses orange u over

NYX hot tamale

black acrylic paint

orange acrylic paint

Shany image plate SH02

Bundle Monster plate BM13

N.A.I.L.- october2013

#31DC2013- Inspired by Fashion

I do not follow fashion at at all. I’m probably wearing things that were cool the season before and lord forbid I only have one purse, it does what it is supposed to hold my shit and when its ripped or dirty I buy a new one. I Googled fall fashion and saw this cool skirt so I was like I’ll try that.

9-26-2013 3-07-11 PM


The nails came out cooler than I thought it would, so mad my nails are still in nail hell and I could not wear this design.

31dc2013- inspired by fashion

Ruby KissesFrench white

Pure Icehot tamale

Ruby Kisses yellowed out

Wet n Wild on a trip

N.Y.C. lexington yellow

H&M blue my mind

Ruby Kisses Teal Envy

black acrylic paint



I’ve tried galaxy nails before and was not all that happy about it. This time I am a little more thrilled. I normally use, white,yellow, blue and purple, but this time I skipped the blue and added orange and red.  I think I like the blue look better,but this one was not bad.

31dc2013-galaxy 31dc2013-galaxy with flash

H&M Nail Polish-manhunter

Ruby Kisses French white

Pure Ice hot tamale

H&M Nail Polish run baby run

Ruby Kisses red cameo

Bonita diamond white

Wet n Wild on a trip

acrylic paint



August 7-11 Challenge Sun- African Sunset

I am so happy to have direction in my life again. I hat for someone to tell me go draw whatever you like, I always end up with a brain fart. I’m mor3e in tune to someone giving me a category like ” do something with fruit” So the lovely ladies of the previous challenge (craftynail.com,eeeeknailpolish.com, and brijitsdigets.com) came up with something  new and I just had to do it

.nail art ideas link up

The them for August 7th-11th was sun. I’m know ( to myself) to do a mean tropical sunset,but I wanted to do something different. So Voila here is my African sunset I had to look on many sites to get it just right.

african sunsetafrican sunset wth flash

Pure Ice hot tamale

Ruby Kisses yellowed out

Ruby Kisses pure black


OMD 31 day nail art challenge Day 26 Favorite Holiday/Vacation

I love all of the holidays ! I love the having to go out and buy decorations and the candy that is usually associated with it. I am absolutely crazy about the Valentine’s Day candy hearts,but I already did a post o that so I went to my 2nd favorite which is candy corn.

omd 31 day nail art challenge day 26

Ruby Kisses French white

Pure Icehot tamale

Pure Ice excuse me

OMD 31 day nail art challenge Day 19 Glitter

Glitter! I love it so much,but I hated when it came up today for the challenge.I have way too many glitter polishes to choose from and could not decide on one.  I ended up settling on NYX Enchanted Forest it is a pretty polish with fine green and gold glitter. After that I ended up with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! My favorite was always Michelangelo.

omd 31 day nail art challenge day 19 glitterNYX enchanted forrest

NYX ruby red

Essie Aruba Blue

NYX dark purple

Pure Ice hot tamale

Ruby Kisses French white