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#31DC2013-Inspried by a Song

For some reason I always think this part of the challenge would be easy I love music and have tons of songs on my Ipod, but when the day finally comes I draw a blank.

I finally got the idea from the Rhianna Chris Brown Song Birthday Cake. I do not like this song at all, but I catch myself out of the blue saying the chorus cake, cake, cake! I could not find a official video so this is what you get.

What better way to celebrate cake then cupcakes!

#31DC2013-Inspired by a songO.P.I. – you glitter be good to me

NYX – enchanted forrest

Funky Fingers jawbreaker

Light green acrylic paint

Pink gem


#31Dc2013- Inspired by a Color

I have been waiting to do a inspired song with Blue’s Clue for a while now and I am so happy that the opportunity finally have the chance to do it. I can’t wait to see what everyone else does as for a fact no one will be thinking the same color to use.

I loved watching Blue’s Clues whenever my daughter fell asleep for her naps. I would be too tired to turn from Nick Jr. so left it on. The songs were catchy and Steve was not a total creeper.I used acrylic paint for the spots, paw print, and Blue’s outline.

31dc2013-inspired by a colorRuby Kisses Blues clue

acrylic paint


April 30 day nail art challenge Day 29 Inspired by a song

I love music!!!! My music choices range from everything to rock, pop, a little rap, and even musicals. I was shocked that I could not think of anything to do my nails on. So I popped on my I-pod and decided to try and feel inspired, what jumped out at me was Jonas Brothers- Burning Up.

april 30 day nail art challenge day 28 inspired a song Pure Ice siren and excuse me

Kiss nail art striper in black