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1st Christmas mani for the month

I couldn’t come up with a fancy tittle for this one so I’m calling it what it is. Nothing hard on my part was done to do this mani. I used purple for my background which is not a traditional Christmas color and used water nail art stickers I bought from either Amazon.com or Banggood.com. I added gold starts and I think it just makes it pop. I love how the purple turned out with the green and white stickers. I was about to give up on this as the stickers kept not being flimsy for me to put on my nails and I could not figure out why. Turns out I was not taking the plastic cover off before placing the sticker in the water.  Plan on seeing more of these type of manis to come in the future as this was super easy! xmas 2014

xmas 2014 w flash



Avon pronto purple

Nail water stickers

Gold stars

It seems my daughter got in the mood to do some nail art of her own. Am I the only mom that gets squeemish when their kids say they want to use their polish? She came up with this idea all on her own and I am a pretty proud mamma.

Giavanna’s Mountains:

Giavannas mountain nails

Zoya liberty

Sinful Colors nirvana

Zoya pippa

Kiss Striper white

Tartan Nail art

My fashion mani  for OMD2 was supposed to be tartan print. It did not turn out so well.  I used all nail polish and feel as if it would have turned out better if I used  all acrylic paint for the lines  or just my lack of skill.



omd july nail art challenge day 30

O.P.I. got the blues for red

Kiss Striper white

Kiss Striper yellow

Black acrylic paint

OMD Nail art challenge July 2014

OMD July 31 Day nail art challenge- Day 20 Chevron

Some how I pulled this out of my butt. I did a free hand chevron border mani using rainbow colors. This is the first chevron main I have ever done.

OMD july nail art challenge Day 20- ChevronRevlon knockout

Kiss striper red

Ruby Kisses orange u over

Kiss striper yellow

Kiss striper blue 1

Kiss striper green

Kiss striper soft purple

OMD Nail art challenge 2014


Nail-Art-A-Go-Go: Animation

My nails for today does not  really go with the theme so well. I remembered I had some Hello Kitty fimo canes and that she did have cartoons and movies so hence animation.

nail-art-a-go-go animationH& M manhunter

Ruby Kisses pink flamingo

Kiss nail art striper beach pink

Ruby Kisses French white

China Glaze scattered and tattered

gnarly gnails nail art challenge

Nail-Art-A-Go-Go : Monochrome

Not sure if I channeled this one correctly ,but I tried my best with my being tired from being work for 11 hours and the horrible snow storm. Nothing special or fancy just a black white and plaid mani.

I had so many ideas for this mani, but I had to go on my art level, which is next to none and I promised myself as a resolution I would not post anything that I was not proud of .

nail-art-a-go-go monochrome with flash

with flash

Nail-art-a-go-go monochromeNYX grey

H&M polish manhunter

Kiss striper in white

gnarly gnails nail art challenge


Yay, finally it’s turkey day, though I have to say I eat more mashed potatoes than I do turkey. I decided to do  a quick Thanksgiving Day mani before I head over to my cousins foe dinner. I have not eaten all day so I can pig out on food.

Base coat is one of my favorite fall colors Spicy Apricot:

spicy apricotAnd here are my little pilgrim hats:

pilgim hatsThis is the first mani I have done in a while without using acrylic paint.

Ruby Kisses HD  spicy apicot

H&M manhunter

Bonita 1am

Kiss striper pearl gold