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#31DC2013-Rainbow Nails

If you don’t know who PopTart Kitty a.k.a Nyan Cat is you must live under a rock. well I was one of those people, since I was clueless I asked the YouTube expert my daughter.

Me: Giavanna who is PopTart Kitty

Giavanna: He is a cat that flys around and farts rainbows.

Me: Ok. cool mommy is going to try to draw it for my nails

Giavanna: Mom watch the YouTube video

Me(after watching it): Thats it?

Giavanna: And he has a enemy Taco kitty

Me: Uh huh

Giavanna: And there are different colors

Me: Uh huh…….

Giavanna: And there is a dog

Me:…..uh huh…

After a few more moments of this she goes away to play video games. My daughter loves to talk she gets it from me, but I don’t think I was that bad as a kid. So I am now sharing with you PopTart Kitty.

I am so proud of my nail art for today, this is the most detailed thing I have ever done.This was done with both nail polish and acrylic paint. The cat was done in nail polish and the rainbows were done with acrylic paint.

31dc2013 rainbow nails 31dc2013 rainbow

with top coat

with top coat


Nail Polish by H&M blue my mind

Klean Colors dessert

O.P.I. i think in pink

Revlon girly

NYX grey

Acrylic Paint

Here is a little shot of the acrylic paint I bought at Michale’s

acrylic paint set-001

August 19th-25th challenge- Sand

So I finally did it and bough acrylic paint and  and boy was I happy. It was so easy to work with. I bough a cheap 14 color pack at Micheal’s craft store, but from what I hear online it was the right kind as it kind of had a water consistency. I heard if the paint is more solid it was not good to work with.

I wanna apologize in advance for my pictures. I did not clean my sponge when I was doing the gradient hence the bumps which are pieces of sponge that I could not get off. Also you can see cat hair that escaped my notice after I put on a top coat.

This idea is not my own and I got it from Nail Pro Magazine.  If you can’t see the image it is supposed to be waves washing up on a beach at sunset. ( whew long description).

link up idesa sand

link up with flash

with flash


Ruby Kisses French white

Santeesky blue

Ruby Kisses tropical blend

Klean Color dessert

Acrylic paint in blue, white, and yellow


OMD 31 day nail art challenge Day 15-Hearts

I’m back from vay-cay! I had a great time gambling with money I shouldn’t have. This post was done the night before I was set to leave so I apologize for it’s lack of finesse.

I got the idea for this one while surfing the web. I tried to re-create the earth heart,cookie heart,Panda cookie,Skull heart, and the Orange heart. Sorry for the horribleness I could have spent more time on it.

Hearts-Wallpaper-641omd nail art challenge day 15 hearts thumb Omd nail art challenge day 15 hearts

Earth  heart- SinfulColors why not and Kiss Striper in green

Cookie heart- Klean Color dessert and NYX milk chocolate 1

Panda heart- SinfulColors why not and Ruby Kisses French white

Skull heart- Ruby Kisses French white

Orange heart-Ruby Kisses tangerine, Color in dessert, and Kiss striper in green

Eyes and Mouth -Ruby Kisses pure black and Ruby Kisses French white

OMD 31 day nail art challenge Day 13 stars

I have yet to do a galaxy mani, I was excited to try it out!

omd nail art challenge Day 13 stars

Ruby Kisses pure black

Klean Color whiter than white

Ruby Kisses yellowed out

Wet n Wild shameless

Wet n Wild blazed

Avon luxe lavender

Kiss striper pearl gold

Dotting tool

I wanted to add more details so I did a different zodiac sign for the people in my life. I tried as best I could with the space and lack of skill that I have to make it exactly how it is supposed to be.

Gemini- My mom and me

omd nail art challenge Day 13 stars-gemini


Leo for my bro, Scorpio for my daughter, Aquarius for my nephew and Capricorn for my cats (yes my cats)

omd nail art challenge Day 13 stars2


Where I want to be

So I picked up this nail magazine from Sally’s called Nail It! It had some cool stuff in it and I am thinking about subscribing. I checked out their website and saw a beach mani that I had to do, as I had all the tools.


beach thumb

Ruby Kisses Teal Envy

Santee sky blue

Klean Color dessert

Bonita diamond white

Gold Bullion beads

Gold Stars


Hot Diggity Dog…

Sorry for the title, trying to show my awesome sense of humor( though I am better a crude humor than anything else) My brohoe ( brother) told me to look up hotdog nail art. I asked why he is searching for nail art and he said he saw it on Girl Code on MTV….ok ? why are you watching girl code? Anywho I saw it and was like I had to do it. I only like Ketchup on my dogs so that is why only that is shown. 🙂

hot dog nail artKlean Color dessert

Bonita 1am

Kiss striper red

Kiss striper pearl gold