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Red Cross

No I’m not donating blood, I just could not come up with a clever title for this one. One of my coworkers sorry ex-coworker had on a shirt with a white rhinestone cross surrounded by red gems. I did a rough sketch and told him I would do it on my nails one day. I went through my gems, which are now not organized due to my cats knocking the container over and mixing the colors and shapes , and realized I do not have enough red gems to do the design that I wanted to do.  I decided to make the crosses out of red gems on a accent finger and used clear caviar beads instead of more gems to surround the cross.  I kept the rest of the nails simple and I am in love with the look.

red crossRuby Kisses red cameo

L.A Colors black velvet

red gems

Clear caviar beads

Rainbow flowers

So my job just recently moved to a new office and it is closer to our local ULTA store. I happen to come in on my day off for a half a day and decided I wanted some new polishes.  I grabbed a nail art pen that I heard nothing, but rave reviews on, a new bottle of polish that I will swatch soon, and some nail art stickers.

When I saw the stickers I knew I wanted to do black as my base color and just have the stickers in the corner of my nail. I like the stickers, but they did not stay down as well as I thought they would. Maybe it was human error and I did not stick them down well enough, but they started peeling up shortly after I put them on a put a top coat on it.  Also none of the flowers matched each other so I could not get the uniform look I wanted to do so I have to mix and match flower types that were sort of similar.

Rainbow flowersL. A. Colors black velvet

flower nail art stickers.


*** side note: any 30 day nail art challenges going around for April? ***

Nail-Art-A-Go-Go: Night Sky

Still playing catch up. Here is my take on night sky. I have done galaxy mani’s before and wanted to try it in a different way. I got the idea to try the galaxy french  from Nail Art 101.

nail-art-a-go-go night skyIgnore the blob of orange on my pinky.

Ruby Kisses mademoiselle

H&M nail polish manhunter

L. A. Colors energy source

Funky Fingers atomic poppy

Ruby Kisses tropical green

Ruby Kisses tropical blend

Ruby Kisses barbie purple

white acrylic paint

gnarly gnails nail art challenge

Nail-Art-A-Go-Go:Warm vs Cool

Good Grief, it is another snow day, they are saying up to 12″. Me being the idiot I am came to work again as I did not want to use a personal day or vacation time if I did not show up( some people have already used all of their days up from not coming in from previous snow days already). On to the mani. I loved doing my fire flies gradient that I decided to do it again for this time using Fimo canes. My first time doing it was here and here .

I know I need a a refill so please ignore that part I will be buying acrylic once I get some dough.

Nail-art-a-go-go warm vs Cool

L.A. Colors energy source

Sinful Colors why not

Santee sky blue

Ruby Kisses yellowed out

Ruby Kisses tangerine

acrylic paint

Fimo nail cane

gnarly gnails nail art challenge


OK finally back to doing a daily nail art challenge! I feel that this one is way out of my league as I have no art skills whats-so ever. Well it can’t hurt to try.

First up Achromatic, no lie I gad to look this up as I had no idea what it was. What it actually means is the absence of color( Thanks Google). For today I did a black, grey, and white camo design with black and white glitter accent nail.

nail a go go nail art challenge

with flash

nail a go go nail art challenge

NYX grey

L.A. Colors energy source

Ruby Kisses Steel Magnolia

H&M manhunter

NYX irreplaceable

O.P.I. pirouette my whistle


gnarly gnails nail art challenge

Gritty Rainbow

I was trying again to try and do a equalizer on my nails and again I failed. This time I spaced my colors out to far on my sponge when I was doing the gradient part. I ended up liking the way It looked so decided to just keep it the way it was then start all over.

Here is the gradient on its own.

rainbow gradient

After looking at it I decided to put some black and white glitter over top of the gradient. It gives it a more edgy look.

grity rainbow

with flash

with flash

L.A. Colors energy source

Ruby Kisses Teal Envy

Ruby Kisses tropical green

Ruby Kisses yellowed out

Ruby Kisses tangerine

Ruby Kisses tropical blend

L.A. Girlspotted