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Pink and Red Cheetah Print

I still have not gone out and bought new  tips so  I can do acrylic manicures so I am using the full nails that I had left over from a long time ago. They barely stay on longer than a day, but I can paint them and take a picture before they start popping off.

red leopard over pink

O.P.I.- you glitter be good to me

L’Oreal- femme fatale

acrylic paint

Cheetah Print over fiery gradient

Yay, 1st post of the new year and it is a beautiful one.  I say some cool nail art online with neon polish and was bummed when I could not find my Highlighter yellow, either someone stole it or I lost it. I worked with what I had and tried a different approach to a gradient then I normally do and it turned out great. My nails looked so cool that my roommate asked me to do hers in gold and black.

cheetah print over firey gradient


Rubky Kisses yellowed out

black acrylic paint

DWTS inspired nails- Jack

Way to go Jack! I am excited to see that he is still on the show. Is he going to be in the Finals idk its tough competition minus Bill Engvall ( *cough* cough*)


Here is my mani inspired by Jacks outfit for the Trio Dance :

Here is a photo of just the base colors. If you notice the ring finger is matte. It is my Avon suede polish.

Dwts inspried nails- jack base coatHere is what inspired me and the mani:

jackdwts inspired nails jack

Sorry for the smudges you have to wait a long time for Sharpie to dry before you can put on a top coat.

Avon Suede effects platinum beauty

NYX ruby red

Black Sharpie

Inspired by Dancing with the Stars- Snooki

OMG I such a old lady for admitting this, but I love Dancing with the Stars. The music, the costumes, the emotion, and the hunky dancers ( ❤ Maxim).  I did post a long while back of nails inspired by Dancing with the Stars outfits. I finally got inspired by this season to do it again. This post was inspired by Nicole’s ( Snooki) outfit for this past Monday night. It was a brown leopard dress with teal or fringes on the shoulders and bottom of the dress. This is the best picture I could find

snooki's dressNow here is my Mani

DWTS inspried nailsRuby Kisses HD  tinkerbell teal

Pure Ice totally amp

Black permanent marker

#31DC2013-Inspired by a Pattern

I’m still here just not getting as much “me” time as I would like. Sorry for the spam of post today I am just trying to get caught up. I have not looked at anything anyone else has posted so far, so if anything looks similar it is pure coincidence.

Also I got a car! Yay for me no more taking the bus for this girl. Yea it has some dings in it, but it gets me from point A to point B. I’m going to name it RuPaul, it was clearly a guy car and I am going to remake it into a girl. I already bought a bedazzled steering wheel cover and am working on the bedazzled floor mat and gear shift.

Onto the nails….My patter was leopard and cheetah. I was at a friends house and she had this design on her nails and I had to replicate it.

31dc2013 inspired by a pattern

Wet n Wild tropicalia

Ruby Kisses French white