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Color Show Street Art swatches

Another boring day in work land….sigh work is boring right now, my social life is boring right now, and my love life is boring right now. This is pretty much how I am feeling right now:


My nail art today is me swatching these glitter polishes I had for over a year now and playing with stripping tape I have not touched in forever.

Street Art swatches

Ruby Kisses red cameo

Ruby Kisses Teal Envy

Wet n Wild French tip white

Sinful Colors endless blue

Maybelline Color Showwild at heart

Maybelline Color ShowBlue Beats

Maybelline Color Shownighttime noise

Nails Dec 2014- Santa

I have not done any challenges or collective post in a while and decided to fit one more in before the end of the year. I picked the one done by Craftynail, eeeeknailpolish, nailthataccent, and brijitsdigits.

I chose to not do a traditional Santa mani and show what the man in the north is doing the other 11 months of the year. Vacation!  Thub- on vacation sign, pointer santa in sunglasses, middle christmas palm tree, ring pool of water, and pinky sand snowman

N.A.I.L.- santa on vacation


Color Workshop romance

Ruby Kisses red cameo

Avon avon cosmic celestial

Maybelline styled out

NYC French tip white

acrylic paint






N.A.I.L. dec 2014

Shiny Easter Eggs

Not much to say here. Used some striping tape and multi colored gems to make Easter eggs.

shiny easter egg

Thumb:Maybeline Color show Orange fix

Pointer finger: Ruby Kisses Blues Clue

Middle: Ruby Kisses Yellowed Out

Ring: Wet n Wild On a Trip

Pinky: Ruby Kisses Tropical Blend

Green and Silver Striping tape

Multi colored ghems