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N.A.I.L- Tye Dye

Hello, I am so proud of this mani I just want to burst. First I am sporting a new nail shape that I did on my own ( so proud of myself)  almond nails ! It was super easy to do , all I did was cut and shape and wah-lah! On to my mani, I did a dry tie-dye on accent nails and then I did a gem border mani with tiny caviar beads in between on my other nails. This has to be to me the coolest thing I have done in a while.

N.A.I.L tie-dye

right hand

N.A.I.L- Tie dyed



Ruby Kisses yellowed out

NYX ruby red

Pure Ice free spirit free spirit

Sinful Colors midnight blue

multi-colored gems

silver caviar beads

N.A.I.L. January '15

N.A.I.L.- New Years

So I was looking for inspiration online for my New Years nail promt for the last N.A.I.L. prompt of the year. I think I found it and will not be doing it till tonight in time for the holiday, but I could not pass up on this awesome mani I saw online. Sorry there was no name of the artist who did this. Instead of using what looks like a pixie dust purple that I did not have I decided to use a light purple I already had and put a glitter top coat on instead. Different looks, but I still like the way mine turned out. * did not have time to do mani I wanted so kept this one on instead*


purple nails with rhinestones





purple nails with rhinestones

purple nails with rhinestones w flash

with flash




Ruby Kisses barbie purple

Ruby Kissescrazy night out

Christmas Balls

I am so in the Christmas spirit with the nail art and have so many pictures off to the side to try ( no original ides yet). I saw this pretty hanging Christmas balls mani that I had to try it out.

Here is the original:

hanging balls original


Here is my recreation:

hanging balls w flash

hanging balls mani

Sinful Colors midnight blue

grey acrylic paint

N.Y.C. tribeca silver


** Side note***

I got into my 1st car accident ever yesterday. The guy was pulling into on coming  traffic and hit me in my back tire. I’m ok and the car only had damage to the tire. His car had the whole front bumper fall off. The police said it was his fault. I am now so scared to drive now as I expect to be hit again.

New Years Mani

Hello Lovelies!

I am still behind in getting reading all my e-mails so  I will be commenting once I get some free time to actually look at all of your lovely nail art. Like stated before I am a big holiday person I love the different things you can buy and now that I do  attempt nail art I can  do different things to my nails as well.  I got inspiration from this from NAIL IT Magazine.

nail it article- bling

I am very proud of this one so there will be a lot of pictures.

My base coat was Sally Hansen golden-i. I love this polish it has the smoothest application and the gold color is just a dream.

sally hansen golden swatchI added Ulta’s  boogie nights to give it a little more color.

boogie nights over golden-iboogie nights over golden-i with flash

boogie nights over golden-i close upNext I added gems in a flower like pattern.  I realized that I did not have as much gems in the same size so I just used different kinds and I like the way it came out. I was so in love with it I took a couple shots in different ways.

New Years 2014

New year 2013 side viewNew years 2014 with flashSo that’s all I got.. Till next year ladies!!!!

nail it bling comparison