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Colorful leopard

I’m sure this has been done countless times, but I still feel like a newb to the nail art world so it still is a new thing for me. I added some random dots of color to my nails outlined it in black and Wa- Lah colorful leopard mani.

colorful leopard


Ruby KissesTeal Envy

Ruby KissesNeon green

Ruby Kissesyellowed out

Ruby Kissespink flamingo

Funky Fingers atomic poppy

N.Y.C. French tip white

DWTS inspired mani- Emma

I am a bit behind with my inspired DWTS  manis. This one was inspired by Emma’s outfit. They did a partner swap and she was dancing with Tommy Chong. I wanted to do a half moon jamaican mani, but it did not turn out the way I pictured it in my head.


Here is Emma in her sexy outfit:


emma ( jamaicin)

Here is my mani:

jamaicin half moon mani



The Color WorkShopInto the Night


Ruby kissesNeon green

Pure Ice siren

Side note : This dance with Val and Janel was so beautiful I had to watch it twice and want to share it.



Nail-Art-A-Go-Go: Neon

A few more easy challenges left till we get to the hard stuff . Neon is the theme for today. I instantly thought of Neon lights, you know the kind that advertise beer or you see in a casino. Like I said artistic skills are at a minimum so  just did basic shapes.

nail-art-a-go-go neon

H&M Nail polish manhunter

Ruby Kisses pink flamingo

Ruby Kisses Blues clue

Ruby Kisses yellowed out

Ruby Kisses Neon green

Wet n Wild on a trip

Funky Fingers atomic poppy

gnarly gnails nail art challenge

N.A.I.L.- Treats and Sweets

I love Halloween candy my ultimate fave is candy corn. I have done 2 manis with it before so tried to steer away from it. I opted to do caramel apples. I am not a fan of this Halloween treat nor have I ever had one.  I opted to do all my nails to look like red apple with caramel dripping down and the accent nail as a green apple. Definitely need to work on my drips, but it does not help that I was doing this at 3:00 in the morning watching scary movies. Sorry for the lack of clean up.

n.a.i.l. treats and sweetsRuby Kisses Neon green

NYX  ruby red

Klean Color dessert

N.A.I.L.- october2013

Neon Stripes + Yoshi Eggs

I wanted to do something not so summery, I know everyone else is doing bright colors and such, I wanted to do something different. I am always behind on trends if this week is polka dots I am doing zigzags.  My mindset on this is I am almost 30 ( shudder) and I do what I want…lol. If I want to paint snowflakes in summer I damn well will do it. 🙂

neon stripes

Funky Fingers atomic poppy

Ruby Kisses Blues clue

Ruby Kisses Neon green

Ruby Kisses yellowed out

Ruby Kisses pink flamingo

Ruby Kisses pure black

My princess finally let me do her nails and she requested Yoshi eggs, she is such a huge Mario fan.

yoshi eggs


Ruby Kisses French white

Ruby Kisses Blues clue

As usual I apologize for lack of clean up it was just one of those days where I was overwhelmed with stuff to do that I made myself bored and I did not want to bother.

South Carolina Here I Come

So one of my co-workers asked if I wanted to go to South Carolina with her, of course I did not hesitate and said yes. My second thought was what am I going to do on my nails. I ended up with a beautiful sunset design on my nails and multicolored toes with Rhinestones.

beach at sunsetRuby Kisses yellowed out

Funky Fingers atomic poppy

NYX ruby red

Kiss striper black


If you are not a feet person do not look at pic below. My toes are not cute in anyway.

beach toesFunky Fingers atomic poppy

Ruby Kisses pink flamingo

Ruby Kisses Neon green

Ruby Kisses Blues clue

Ruby Kisses yellowed out

Clear gems