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I know I am a few days behind on this challenge,but the overtime at the warehouse has killed my sleep and my nails. I saw a few people do tribal after their heritage and I thought it was pretty cool so I decided to fo some African tribal nails. I got the idea from Google images.

african tribal print

Sorry for using fake nails, but my numbs are in pain right down to the quick. Neon Yellow is getting a little gloopy so had to use acrylic paint for the thumb and ring finger.

31dc2013 tribal

Klean Color neon yellow

SinfulColors Black on black 1

NYX ruby red

Ruby Kisses HD tinkerbell teal

acrylic paint


April 30 day nail art challenge Day 17 3d nail art

I came home from work today and was not feeling very inspired. I put all my 3d items in front of me and could not think of a thing I wanted to do. I decided to do something simple to take off so I could start on tomorrows challenge tonight.

Sorry for the shitty pic, the boy toy was at work with the good camera.

april 30 day nail art challenge day 17 3D

Base coat ( barely see it) Sally Hansen mellow yellow

Martini Glasses: Kiss striper in black

Lime Martini: Ruby Kisses Neon green, lime Fimo slice

Lemon Martini: KleanColor neon yellow, lemon Fimo slice

Orange Martini: Ruby Kisses Tangerinetangerine, Fimo orange slice

Watermelon Martini: Wet n Wildtropicalia, watermelon Fimo slice

Apple Martini: NYX ruby red, Apple Fimo slice

Pre- Spring Nail art Challenge Day 9 Rainbows

I had a image in my head what I wanted this to look like, but it did not turn out to well. Oh! well…….

pre spring nail art challenge dy 9 rainbow

Base Coat- Klean Color White

NYX-:Ruby Red

Ruby Kisses: Orange U Over?

Klean Color: Neon Yellow

NYC- High Line Green

Essie: Aruba Blue

Avon- Luxe Lavender

NYX- Dark Purple

pre spring nail art challenge day 9 rainbow 2

I tried to add a Music note stamp and draw some on as well but it did not work out. Pic is bad as well ( god I want my camera back)

Image plate: Shany SH19

Color: SinfulColors Black on Black

New Years!!!!

So excited that new years is finally here. I tried out a lot of ideas and finally picked something (runners up will be shown below). I saw this beautiful background when I was looking to change my computer wallpaper and decided to do the design on my left hand. For the thumb I did fireworks.


1-8-2013 10-59-57 AM

Very happy how this turned out but the gold outline for the 3 looks bad,

Basecoat:SinfulColors Black on Black covered by The Color Workshop (no  name) black with green  and purple glitter

2013: clear gems

2013 outline: Klean Color Gold Bright

Fireworks: Ruby Kisses HD Tinkerbell Teal,Klean Color Gold Bright, NYC in a new york minute Tribeca Silver

On my right hand I did a out line of a city with fireworks in the sky.

1-8-2013 11-00-43 AM

Base Coat: Ruby Kisses Regaled Out Blue

Buildings: Sinful Colors Black on Black

Lights:Klean Color Neon Yellow

Fireworks:Ruby Kisses Barbie Purple,Ruby Kisses Neon Green (thumb) Ruby Kisses Blues Clue (index) Ruby Kisses Tangerine(Middle)Klean Color white Avon Viva Pink(ring) NYC in  a new york minute Tribeca Silver

Here are the ones that didnt make it:



1-8-2013 11-02-27 AM

botched mirror ball

Champagne Glasses

Champagne Glasses

Dec 12th Holiday Movie

I was not a fan of this challenge. I swore off all holiday movies and refuse to watch any of them when they come on TV. I know its a shame and I have a 8  year old. Its not that I’m anti- Christmas I just think I grew out of it. Except for Shrek’s Christmas- when Puss was telling the night before x-mas and his eyes got huge when he was playing with the Christmas balls.

So for the the challenge I asked people what their favorite movie was and the majority was Christmas Vacation. I tried to do a santa getting electrocuted like on the cover of the movie. Again I have no artistic talent whatsoever.

xmas cover

12-28-2012 10-05-18 PM Base coat: Ruby Kisses- Steel Magnolia

Santa outfit- Kiss Striper- red, Sally Hansen nail art pen- Black and White

Body: Ruby Kisses- Madmoiselle

Lights: Klean Color – Neon Yellow, Kiss Striper- Blue, Ruby Kisses- Neon Green

Electricity: Kiss Striper – Pearl Gold

Day 12- Harvest

More like day 20 I was so procrastinating. If I get a laptop for x-mas I can work on this at home ( Santa that was a hint)   Was struggling with this one as to what to do thought of a strands of wheat ( ha) then corn ( ha ha) then thought a cornucopia ( ha ha ha, can not draw). I saw a lot of people did a sunflower so that is what I opted to do.

1-8-2013 3-19-09 PM 1-8-2013 3-19-45 PM

Base Coat- NYC High Line Green

Seeds- Ruby Kisses HD Chocolate Romance

Petals- Klean Color Neon Yellow