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Ice Cream paint job

Seems like I am getting back in the swing of doing my nails again. Instead of 2-3 designs a week I was doing 1 every two weeks.  I felt inspired to do ice cream cones due to the nice weather and the memorial day holiday. ice cream

natural light

natural light

Ruby Kisses HD chocolate romance NYX gold glitter Sinful Colors tempest Sinful Colors rise and shine Zoya pippa Covergirl goldilocks N.Y.C French tip white multi colored rhinestones

N.A.I.L.- Pastel

So I based my mani today on one of my new nail polishes that I have not used before. It is Salons Perfects flower power glitter topper .  I was going to do a dry water marble but the boyfriend try to do a real water marble again. I have not does it in so long and in the past they came out so bad that I was a bit hesitant. This time I’m not sure what I did different, but it was a success!

N.A.I.L.- Pastels

N.Y.C.-French tip white

Orly- springtime bloom


OPI- wheres my czechbook

Salon Perfect- flower power


N.A.I.L.- Easter

Hope everyone had a safe and Happy Easter. Mine was uneventful and nothing really to write home to mom about. I am in kind of a weird mood so I don’t have much to say right now. My art is a cross in a stained glass window.

N.A.I.L- EasterSinful Colors tempest

N.Y.C.- lexington yellow

The Color Workshop- rose red

Ruby Kisses tropical green

black and brown acrylic paint


N.A.I.L.- Chevron

I’m still here though not painting my nails as much as I used to. Work is kicking my but and I am still not getting enough sleep. Once big change is I changed my hair color again now it is blue. I am getting mixed reviews, a lot of people are saying the pink suits me more others are saying they like the blue and  I look like a black Elsa, lol.

N.A.I.L- chevronRuby Kisses pink flamingo

NYClexington yellow

Santee Plus vikini green

Funky Finger atomic poppy

H& M blue my mind

Ruby Kisses HD pitch black darkness

Blue hair dont care

Blue hair don’t care

Winter Trees

I bought these cool nail wraps about a year ago and totally forget which site I bought it from. I at first thought they were water decal stickers, but they are a full nail sticker that you place on your nail. I got a lot of compliments and my one friend from far away thought it was a marble design I can see where she thinks it looks like that. If she would of seen what the whole sticker looked like before I cropped it she would know that it was actually bare trees in the winter  I found out by happy accident that the nails glow in the dark.

Nail wrapsNYC. French tip white

N.A.I.L.- Newspaper Nails

What is black and white and red all over? My nails…. and the prompt for his weeks N.A.I.L. newspapers. I  I did not have rubbing alcohol so I first tried the water method, this worked, but it was too light for me so I  decided to be daring and use nail polish remover since it contains alcohol. The 1st nail I tried, the thumb nail came out the best then after that I started having some issues. I though it would be cheeky to do a read boarder and incorporate the age old newspaper joke.

N.A.I.L.- newspaper nails


NYC French tip white

acrylic paint


N.A.I.L. January '15