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Nail polish from Hawaii- Orange Pop + DWTS inspired mani Whitney’s jacket

One of my co-workers went away to Hawaii for vacation and brought me back a bottle of nail polish. Totally working on my around the World  nail polish collection , so far I have a bottler from Paris, and a  few from South Carolina. I’m not counting Pennsylvania as I live here. This polish did not come with a manufacture name, but did come in a cute bottle with a hibiscus flower engraved  on the top of the lid.

orange pop is a orange red cream base polish. I had to take a image of my left had as I already started the nail art on my right and forgot to take a photo.

orange pop swatch

Inspiration for this mani came from one of the professional dancers ( Whitney) warm-up jacket.  I should have stuck to the pink as I originally wanted, but I am trying to swatch all my new colors. My lines could have been crisper and I was rushing to finish so I could eat dinner. Will have to try this again in a different way.

whitneys jacketDWTS inspired mani whitney's jacket

DWTS inspired mani whitney's jacket pt 2

this picture shows more of the reddish hue

orange pop

black acrylic paint