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OMD July 31 Day nail art challenge- Day 20 Chevron

Some how I pulled this out of my butt. I did a free hand chevron border mani using rainbow colors. This is the first chevron main I have ever done.

OMD july nail art challenge Day 20- ChevronRevlon knockout

Kiss striper red

Ruby Kisses orange u over

Kiss striper yellow

Kiss striper blue 1

Kiss striper green

Kiss striper soft purple

OMD Nail art challenge 2014


Pool anyone?

I just recently got drafted onto a official pool tear ( also know as billiards in other counties).  I can not play pool, but they needed a low number ( I would start off as a 3)  so I said I would help out.


I know the gist of the game get balls in the pocket, but there is so much more to it.  Balls have to touch rail a certain amount of times or your ball can not touch this ball if it did not hit this ball. My new teammates and others are trying to teach me the things I do not know and what I am doing wrong so far. I am scared shitless as our first match is tomorrow and I still don’t know 100% what I am doing. I don’t want to let my team down , but they keep telling me to have fun and just make the balls in the pocket don’t worry about any fancy stuff right now.  This will be the first time that I am on a team competing for something ( trip to Vegas to play if we make it that far) and will have everyone watching my every move.

I decided to do some pool nails to get myself into the mood for tomorrows match, who knows they might not need me to play yet as it is a strategy thing and it depends on who the other team puts up to play.

My nails did  look nice when I put the top coat on, but then my puppy sister came over with my mom and did not notice my nails smudged till she left. We are playing 9 ball so we have to get the balls in the pockets in numeral order so I did my nails in all the ball colors and included the cue ball.

pool balls 1-5pool balls 6-9 including cue ball

Ruby Kisses yellowed out

Essie Aruba Blue

Pure Ice siren

Sinful Colors let's talk

Ruby Kisses orange u over

NYXhunter green

O.P.I. got the blues for red

H&M manhunter

L.A. Colors energy source

white and black acrylic paint

Wish me luck!

N.A.I.L.- Hallow E’en

OMG I think is the first N.A.I.L. post that I did it the week it was supposed to be done and not the week after! Again I know I should take more time to do these and would have a better turn out, but I was doing so much rushing around that I can’t sit still to dedicate nail time.

I got inspired by this background:

halloween background

Here it is in normal lighting ( work) :

N.A.I.L. Hallowe e'enI did a gradient using white and 2 of my orange polishes. Then painted the ground, the tree ( if that’s what you want to call it), and the crosses with black acrylic paint.  I used nail polish for my stamps on my pinky and pointer finger.

For my thumb I tried to paint a house.

N.A.I.L. hallow e'enI decided to take a picture without any lights over my nail and it looks like it is glowing ( no black lights or special effects were used)

N.A.I.L. hallow e'en glowingL.A. Color energy source

Ruby Kisses orange u over

NYX hot tamale

black acrylic paint

orange acrylic paint

Shany image plate SH02

Bundle Monster plate BM13

N.A.I.L.- october2013

Dotty over Orange U Over

I feel kind of lost with no more challenges going on. I like being told to do something then try to be creative to make it happen. I decided to show my natural nails ( nubs) right not and give them a break from all the acrylic and fake nails.

I know its a little Halloweenie, but fall is my favorite time of year. The weather is mild and it’s boot season. I love boots!

dotty over orange u over

Ruby Kisses orange u over

Maybeline Color Show Polka Dots dotty

April 30 day nail art challenge Day 26 Gradient

I love gradient designs, there are just so many color combinations you can do. I decided to do a nail design I did once before, which was my firefly’s at night which you can see here. I had never heard of gradient at the time and I was really messy with the clean up of my nails. This one I will call Firefly’s at dusk.

april 30 day nail art challenge day 26 gradient

Base Coat: Ruby Kisses yellowed out

Gradient ( top to bottom) Essie  Aruba Blue, Santee sky blue, and Ruby Kisses orange u over

April 30 day nail art challenge Day 24 : Tape mani

april 30 day nail art challenge day 24 tape mani

So I am a day behind and posting this kinda late. I got my idea from the cell phone game free flow. It is uber addicting game. The point of the game is to connect one color dot to another without crossing lines(colors) and filling in all the black squares.

Ruby Kisses red cameo

Ruby Kisses pure black

Ruby Kisses orange u over

Ruby Kisses yellowed out

Essie Aruba Blue

N.Y.C. high line green

Striping tape

Here is a video of what the game looks like

Swatches Ruby Kisses and Ruby Kisses HD

What is a girl to do, waiting for her nails to grow back so unable to do art on her nails……swatches! I have the free time why the hell not.

ruby kisses logoRuby Kisses is one of my favorite polishes to buy, not only are the colors pretty, but there are cheap as well I get the bottles for a dollar a piece at the store where I buy my hair (if ya didn’t know I have weave in my hair most of the time). It is a creme base polish with smooth application and they also make glitter polish.

ruby kisses swatches

From left to right:

Tropical Blend
Pink Flamingo
Madmoiselle- sheer pink
Teal Envy
Blues Clue
Regaled Out Blue
Neon Green
Tropical Green
Yellowed Out
Orange U Over?
Red Cameo

ruby kisses swatches 2

From left to right:

Red Romance-red base with small rectangular hologram pieces and tiny circle hologram glitter
Blinged Out- clear base silver glitter
Baby Blue-clear base silver and blue glitter
Crazy Night Out-Purple hexagon glitter pieces and,purple glitter, and hologram glitter
All Purpled Out-clear base purple glitter
French White
Steel Magnolia
“Look At Me” Purple
Barbie Purple

Ruby Kisses HD

ruby kisses HD logo

Ruby Kisses HD swatches

From left to right:

Whiter than White
Tinkerbell Teal
Chocolate Romance
Spicy Apricot