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Yay, finally it’s turkey day, though I have to say I eat more mashed potatoes than I do turkey. I decided to do  a quick Thanksgiving Day mani before I head over to my cousins foe dinner. I have not eaten all day so I can pig out on food.

Base coat is one of my favorite fall colors Spicy Apricot:

spicy apricotAnd here are my little pilgrim hats:

pilgim hatsThis is the first mani I have done in a while without using acrylic paint.

Ruby Kisses HD  spicy apicot

H&M manhunter

Bonita 1am

Kiss striper pearl gold

OMD 31 day nail art challenge Day 13 stars

I have yet to do a galaxy mani, I was excited to try it out!

omd nail art challenge Day 13 stars

Ruby Kisses pure black

Klean Color whiter than white

Ruby Kisses yellowed out

Wet n Wild shameless

Wet n Wild blazed

Avon luxe lavender

Kiss striper pearl gold

Dotting tool

I wanted to add more details so I did a different zodiac sign for the people in my life. I tried as best I could with the space and lack of skill that I have to make it exactly how it is supposed to be.

Gemini- My mom and me

omd nail art challenge Day 13 stars-gemini


Leo for my bro, Scorpio for my daughter, Aquarius for my nephew and Capricorn for my cats (yes my cats)

omd nail art challenge Day 13 stars2


Hot Diggity Dog…

Sorry for the title, trying to show my awesome sense of humor( though I am better a crude humor than anything else) My brohoe ( brother) told me to look up hotdog nail art. I asked why he is searching for nail art and he said he saw it on Girl Code on MTV….ok ? why are you watching girl code? Anywho I saw it and was like I had to do it. I only like Ketchup on my dogs so that is why only that is shown. 🙂

hot dog nail artKlean Color dessert

Bonita 1am

Kiss striper red

Kiss striper pearl gold


Pre-Spring Challenge Day 5 Sky

I was really excited for this one as I wanted to try a idea I had in my head out. The idea was to paint my nails in a silver color and paint it over with a blue crackle polish. Then I was going to make clouds at the top of the nail to make it appear like lightning. It makes sense in my mind but I could not figure out how to make it work in real life. Oh well ….I ended up doing lightning. I love storms and lightning is one of my favortie things to look at in the sky.

pre spring nail art challenge day 5 sky

Base coat: SinfulColors Black on Black

Gradient (sponge): Santee Plus Sky Blue, then SinfulColors Let’s Talk,  next Essie Aruba Blue.

Lightning Bolt: Ruby Kisses HD Whiter than White

Glitter: Kiss striper Pearl Gold

Sorry for the crappy pic. Still waiting for my camera to be mailed back to me. The pic does not show the sponge gradient I did behing the lightning bolt.

Dec. 25th Santa Claus

I to do this one early as I would be off of work the next day and not near a computer also I am going to a dinner tonight and wanted to impress the ( hopefully)  future in-laws.

12-28-2012 6-07-03 PMSanta  Face:

Beard and Hat trim: Ruby Kisses HD Whiter than White

Hat : Ruby Kisses Red Cameo

Eyes and Mouth: Sally Hansen nail Black nail art pen

Santa Suit:

Trim: Ruby Kisses HD Whiter than White

Jacket: Ruby Kisses Red Cameo

Belt: NYX Black

Buckle: Kiss Striper Pearl Gold

Buttons: Black Gems

Dec 12th Holiday Movie

I was not a fan of this challenge. I swore off all holiday movies and refuse to watch any of them when they come on TV. I know its a shame and I have a 8  year old. Its not that I’m anti- Christmas I just think I grew out of it. Except for Shrek’s Christmas- when Puss was telling the night before x-mas and his eyes got huge when he was playing with the Christmas balls.

So for the the challenge I asked people what their favorite movie was and the majority was Christmas Vacation. I tried to do a santa getting electrocuted like on the cover of the movie. Again I have no artistic talent whatsoever.

xmas cover

12-28-2012 10-05-18 PM Base coat: Ruby Kisses- Steel Magnolia

Santa outfit- Kiss Striper- red, Sally Hansen nail art pen- Black and White

Body: Ruby Kisses- Madmoiselle

Lights: Klean Color – Neon Yellow, Kiss Striper- Blue, Ruby Kisses- Neon Green

Electricity: Kiss Striper – Pearl Gold