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Pool anyone?

I just recently got drafted onto a official pool tear ( also know as billiards in other counties).  I can not play pool, but they needed a low number ( I would start off as a 3)  so I said I would help out.


I know the gist of the game get balls in the pocket, but there is so much more to it.  Balls have to touch rail a certain amount of times or your ball can not touch this ball if it did not hit this ball. My new teammates and others are trying to teach me the things I do not know and what I am doing wrong so far. I am scared shitless as our first match is tomorrow and I still don’t know 100% what I am doing. I don’t want to let my team down , but they keep telling me to have fun and just make the balls in the pocket don’t worry about any fancy stuff right now.  This will be the first time that I am on a team competing for something ( trip to Vegas to play if we make it that far) and will have everyone watching my every move.

I decided to do some pool nails to get myself into the mood for tomorrows match, who knows they might not need me to play yet as it is a strategy thing and it depends on who the other team puts up to play.

My nails did  look nice when I put the top coat on, but then my puppy sister came over with my mom and did not notice my nails smudged till she left. We are playing 9 ball so we have to get the balls in the pockets in numeral order so I did my nails in all the ball colors and included the cue ball.

pool balls 1-5pool balls 6-9 including cue ball

Ruby Kisses yellowed out

Essie Aruba Blue

Pure Ice siren

Sinful Colors let's talk

Ruby Kisses orange u over

NYXhunter green

O.P.I. got the blues for red

H&M manhunter

L.A. Colors energy source

white and black acrylic paint

Wish me luck!