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Something New

I have just gotten back from vacation from the Outerbanks, NC and wish I never came back. It was so pretty out there near the beach and always near some type of water be it the beach, the sound, or the hot tub.  After my week long vacation I felt ready to try to get back into doing nails again. It helps me relive stress and zone into something other then any problems I might currently be going through. I was looking on Preenme.com and saw this pretty nail art that I wanted to try by fatimattidesigns.  I’m not going to lie around the end my computer died when I was doing the design part over the glitter polish on the middle finger and I got too lazy to do something off the top of my head. My top coat is getting gloopy and I might have to empty the bottle or look into how to fix it.


Sinful Colors midnight blue

Ruby Kisses pure black

Wet n Wild stick it to the man

If you care here are some of my pictures from my Vacation. The house we stayed in was a 9 bedroom rental and it was possible one of the biggest houses I have ever been in. It had its on private pool and hot tub, 2 kitchens, 2 reading nooks,  and a pool table.Each room had a king size bed, a private bathroom, and a private balcony. There was a 5 minute walk to the beach where we combed from seashells and sea glass. On our vacation we climbed sand dunes, went mini golfing, and go-karting. I even took a liking to crab meat while I was down there and caught a fish when we went fishing:

vacation- sand dunes

The sand dunes 

vacation climbing the sand dunes

Climbing the sand dunes 

Beach house- Kitchen

The Beach House- Kitchen 

The Beach house- reading nook

The Beach House- Reading Nook

The Beach House- living room, reading nook 2

The Beach House- Living Room, Reading Nook 2

The Beach House- den

The Beach House- Den 

The Beach House- pool  and hot tub

The Beach House- Pool/ Hot Tub

Nail art Linkup- Back To School

I almost forgot that I was trying to do 2 challenges at once. To prepare myself for these I do not look at others entries till I have finished my own nails. I got the idea to do a composition note book fro NailProMagazine.com .

Here is a shot of the nail before I pointed the box on it. I did this with a sponge.

back to school base


Next step was to add the rectangle and so accent lines. I know I should have done it facing the opposite direction, but it was too late to fix it.

nail art linkup- back to school nail art linkup- back to school 2


Ruby Kissespure black

Ruby Kisses French white


Acrylic Paint


August 7-11 Challenge Sun- African Sunset

I am so happy to have direction in my life again. I hat for someone to tell me go draw whatever you like, I always end up with a brain fart. I’m mor3e in tune to someone giving me a category like ” do something with fruit” So the lovely ladies of the previous challenge (craftynail.com,eeeeknailpolish.com, and brijitsdigets.com) came up with something  new and I just had to do it

.nail art ideas link up

The them for August 7th-11th was sun. I’m know ( to myself) to do a mean tropical sunset,but I wanted to do something different. So Voila here is my African sunset I had to look on many sites to get it just right.

african sunsetafrican sunset wth flash

Pure Ice hot tamale

Ruby Kisses yellowed out

Ruby Kisses pure black


OMD 31 day nail art challenge Day 23 Music Themed + wet n wild kaleidoscope swatch

I still have in my head a music note mani that I want to do at least once,but I figured there would be a lot submitted so I veered off the somethin g a little different……Disco!!!!

My accent nail is the disco lights and the rest are strobe lights.

omd nail art challenge day 23 music themedIn this pic I added glitter to the disco lights. Not sure which one I like better.

with glitter

with glitter

Ruby KissesBlues clue

Wet n Wild on a trip

Ruby Kisses tropical green

Ruby Kisses pink flamingo

Ruby Kisses yellowed out

Funky Fingers atomic poppy

Kiss nail art striper inblack

Ruby Kisses pure black

Wet N Wild kaleidoscope

Striping tape

As for the swatch I picked up Kaleidoscope for.69 at Walgreen’s I was shocked! It had a whole display of colors for cheap and I had to decide on just one. I picked this gorgeous sheer polish with tiny holographic silver glitter. Hard to capture the shininess with the camera.


Here is a pic of Kaleidoscope on its own:

kaleidoscope swatch

OMD 31 day nail art challenge Day 15-Hearts

I’m back from vay-cay! I had a great time gambling with money I shouldn’t have. This post was done the night before I was set to leave so I apologize for it’s lack of finesse.

I got the idea for this one while surfing the web. I tried to re-create the earth heart,cookie heart,Panda cookie,Skull heart, and the Orange heart. Sorry for the horribleness I could have spent more time on it.

Hearts-Wallpaper-641omd nail art challenge day 15 hearts thumb Omd nail art challenge day 15 hearts

Earth  heart- SinfulColors why not and Kiss Striper in green

Cookie heart- Klean Color dessert and NYX milk chocolate 1

Panda heart- SinfulColors why not and Ruby Kisses French white

Skull heart- Ruby Kisses French white

Orange heart-Ruby Kisses tangerine, Color in dessert, and Kiss striper in green

Eyes and Mouth -Ruby Kisses pure black and Ruby Kisses French white