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Inspired by Dancing with the Stars- Snooki

OMG I such a old lady for admitting this, but I love Dancing with the Stars. The music, the costumes, the emotion, and the hunky dancers ( ❤ Maxim).  I did post a long while back of nails inspired by Dancing with the Stars outfits. I finally got inspired by this season to do it again. This post was inspired by Nicole’s ( Snooki) outfit for this past Monday night. It was a brown leopard dress with teal or fringes on the shoulders and bottom of the dress. This is the best picture I could find

snooki's dressNow here is my Mani

DWTS inspried nailsRuby Kisses HD  tinkerbell teal

Pure Ice totally amp

Black permanent marker

Homage to fall

So I was working on the last day of the Linkup challenge which is A Great Read.
I was working on something last night and it did not end up working out so I just did something else .

Here is the base coat I used- it is a creamy brown with silver undertones. It was really hard to photograph. The Polish was purchased at a Ross and for the price of $4.99 for 5 polishes. The Brand is Bonita and I have to say I am surprised with how smooth the application was, I use this phrase a lot, but it was like the polish wanted to jump onto my nails.

bonita 1 amI wanted to stamp a image of different color leaves on my nails but the colors were not coming out as bright as I wanted so I scratched that idea.

1 am with stampI ended up with just covering my nails with Bonita Glitters that came in my set. The Glitters were not all that great  Here are a few pics.

1 am with glitter1 am with glitter 2

with flash

with flash

Bonita 1am

Bonita copper

Bonita gold glitter

Pure Ice totally amp

Pure Ice swatches

pure ice logoI love the names and colors that Pure Ice comes out with. Love the application of this nail polish the only downside and I don’t know if it’s cause I am impatient but once it dries it smudges too easy, not sure if it needs a longer dry time then other polishes, but it happens every time I use it. Here is image of the smudging.

Pure ice swatches

From left to right:

A List


Excuse Me

Hot Tamale

Pure Ice magnetic swatch

Pure Ice Magnetic:

Totally Amp

I still have not gotten the gist of using the magnetic polish not sure if this is one of the best brands to use or if it is just my blimboness ( black blondness). My first mistake was I kept bumping the nail against the magnet. The 2nd mistake is the image did not show through as drastic as I have seen other peoples. If you know of a better way please help!

Let me see your Peacock….

So for Halloween this year I saw this awesome Halloween costume that was a peacock. The upside it had a flowing tail, and stand up peacock feathers, the downside was it was $137. After some financial advice from the boyfriend and co-workers I decided to make one on my own. I will have picks for that later but I do have the nail design I decided to do.I did a base coat of Salley Hansen Scarab,then I did a drop from the nail polish brush of  Pure Ice Magnetic Totally Amp, next on top of that Ruby Kisses Neon Green, and finally on top of that Ruby Kisses Regaled Out Blue. For a top coat I used Ruby Kisses Crazy Night Out.