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Very First Tape + Sunshine award nomination

Happy lazy sunday all! First I want to thank Eeeek! Nail Polish! for nominating me for the sunshine award.


I’m shocked at the nomination as she is so good at it and I still a newb. I’m not going to fill out a questionair as I filled it out the first time I was nominated but I would like to shout out the people I have not mentioned before and to resend to the person that gave it to me.







———————————–Tape Mani—————————————————-

I have noticed alot of cool nail designs done with just plain tape and wanted to try it myself. I wanted to shout out who I copied this from but I forget what site I was on. I’m sorry 😦

First I painted 3 different colors on my nail vertically.

1-7-2013 2-55-55 PM

From left to right: Ruby Kisses Teal Envy, Yellowed Out, and Tropical Blend

Next I cut out strips of scotch tape and covered my nails diagonally and horizontally. I followed up with a coat of Sinful Colors Black on Black. While the nail polish was still wet I pulled off the tap and Bam! this is what happens.

1-7-2013 2-57-27 PM 1-7-2013 2-58-09 PM

I love that it kind of has a retro look to it.