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N.A.I.L.- Easter

Hope everyone had a safe and Happy Easter. Mine was uneventful and nothing really to write home to mom about. I am in kind of a weird mood so I don’t have much to say right now. My art is a cross in a stained glass window.

N.A.I.L- EasterSinful Colors tempest

N.Y.C.- lexington yellow

The Color Workshop- rose red

Ruby Kisses tropical green

black and brown acrylic paint


Red Week- lady bug nail art

I just can’t wait for summer every year ladybugs seem to crawl around the windows of my house. Sometimes there are so many of them that they fly into the house. I am one of those girls that is not scared of bugs, my mom is another story she knocked down a little kid to run away from a praying mantis and one time when she was younger she let a butterfly chase her around her back yard. LOL!

lady bug nails The Color WorkShop rose red

NYX black

Ruby Kisses French white

Kiss nail art striper in black


I don’t know what has gotten into me lately,but I am into this whole angel devil thing.Not in a God way,but a my personality way. I am normally a good nice person, but when I’m bad oh boy take cover. The drinking and the swearing isn’t helping matters either. Maybe it has something to do with my being a Gemini,those closest to me say I definitely have a split personality thing going for me. When I need therapy I’ll let ya know.

Any who, I won a $200 tattoo at a beef and beef for one of my friends nieces who was born with birth defects. I can’t decide what I want to do there are so many options. I want to cover up a tattoo on the back of my neck I let a ex do while we were both drunk at 4 am in the morning (lesson learned). I want to get the tattoo of birds that I have on my stomach shaded in. Then there is the I want a whole new one. I definitely want a sexy angel devil tat. And I always wanted to get a SailorMoon tattoo as well.  While I am still making up my mind I did a angel devil nail design.


Left hand:

Base Coat: Santee Sky Blue

Wording: Ruby Kisses HD Whiter than White

Halo: N.Y.C Lexington Yellow


Right hand:

Base Coat: The Color Workshop Rose Red

Wording: SinfulColors Blacker on Black

Horns: N.Y.C Lexington Yellow

Pics of tattoo thoughts below

sailor_moon_2013_by_mcmugget-d5pjj88.png angel deviltat

The Color Workshop swatches

I received these colors as a early Christmas gift. They came inside of a nail dryer that my mom got me ( the dryer ended up not working, but I kept the polish) The colors were unnamed and I tried searching on line to see if they have one and turned up nothing so I named them myself.

The color workshop swatches

From Left to Right:


Starry Night Sky- Black with green and pink shimmer


Fairy’s Breath

Rose Red

Lip Stain

It took multiple coats to make the colors opaque.