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Fall Nail Fail

I tried to do a intricate design on my nail, but I again was not patient enough for the small lines. I’m not happy with this one , but will still post the picture anyway autumn nail fail

Ruby Kisses HD chocolate romance

Revlon  femme fatale

Sinful Colors mirror mirror

Nuance prickly pear

Ruby Kisses yellowed out

Ruby Kisses HD spicy apicot

Wet n Wild yo soy

Wet n Wild French tip white

Neon Stars and Broken Sea Glass swatch

This demotion thing is turning out nicely. I have two mani’s that I did  on Friday  the 2nd one was due to the nail stickers were not staying down and I forgot to bring a clear coat.

1st up is a mani I created with black polish with Neon Stars.

Neon stars over black polishRuby Kisses HD pitch black darkness

2nd mani was with another of my new glitters that I had sitting around that never used that contains white, green, blue, and purple hexagon glitter.

Broken sea glass over black polish

Ruby Kisses pitch black darkness

Funky Fingers broken sea glass

OMD3- Polka Dot

Grrr…. have not been doing much nail painting and I feel like it is because I am becoming depressed. The demotion is not all that bad, but some of the other supervisors are treating me different though I did nothing wrong, I did not ask for this and I feel that it was done due to my boss does not like me. The break-up is doing its thing we are trying to both do our own thing, but live together so we see each other every day and still nit pick at each other. I am feeling a bit lonely as I feel like I have lost a few friends in the matter as well. It could be me pulling away or I’m just imagining things. On to the mani. I saw this really pretty picture of black nails with colorful polka dots and was going to do the same thing, as I was putting one of the colors in I thought it looked cool the way it was so left it alone. I got lazy and did not want to walk to my nail polish bin so I just used the colors that I never put away that I used on my last mani.

OMD3 polka dot

Ruby Kisses HD pitch black darkness

Ruby Kisses Teal Envy

Ruby Kisses tropical blend

Avonpronto purple

Zoya pippa

Santee Plus vikini green

white acrylic paint

I also forgot to show my new hair color, I have had it in for about a month now and am about to change it to purple. I decided to try the grey style that has been going around. It was fun for a bit, not sure if I will circle back around to it.

black and grey hair

Dragon nails

Sigh…..I hate saying that I am going to do something then end up not doing it cause life got in the way. I was going to do the awesome Wikipedia nail art challenge then had to stop as I am going through a break-up. I will not go into the details, but to sum it up it is frustrating, upsetting, freeing, scary, emotional, confusing, needed. My emotions are all over the place, I’ happy one minute then crying the next. This is life and we all have to go through it so I guess I will wait for the rainbow at the end of this storm.  The 1st theme for the Wikipedia challenge was tattoo nails. I had some cool tribal dragon nail art stickers that I used to complete this mani.

Dragon nailsRuby Kisses red cameo

Ruby Kisses HD pitch black darkness

Dragon nail stickers

Ice Cream paint job

Seems like I am getting back in the swing of doing my nails again. Instead of 2-3 designs a week I was doing 1 every two weeks.  I felt inspired to do ice cream cones due to the nice weather and the memorial day holiday. ice cream

natural light

natural light

Ruby Kisses HD chocolate romance NYX gold glitter Sinful Colors tempest Sinful Colors rise and shine Zoya pippa Covergirl goldilocks N.Y.C French tip white multi colored rhinestones

N.A.I.L.- Chevron

I’m still here though not painting my nails as much as I used to. Work is kicking my but and I am still not getting enough sleep. Once big change is I changed my hair color again now it is blue. I am getting mixed reviews, a lot of people are saying the pink suits me more others are saying they like the blue and  I look like a black Elsa, lol.

N.A.I.L- chevronRuby Kisses pink flamingo

NYClexington yellow

Santee Plus vikini green

Funky Finger atomic poppy

H& M blue my mind

Ruby Kisses HD pitch black darkness

Blue hair dont care

Blue hair don’t care

Tainted Love

Hello All,

I am in such high spirits today. I just go promoted to Supervisor at my job of 5 years and am not getting paid salary for the first time ever ! Today I am feeling extra girly so have on a maxi skirt with boots with a sheer top on and I feel like looking pretty is boosting my mood today. Any who I saw this cool heart design while looking for inspiration on the internet and thought why not. I cold have saved it for the February N.A.I.L challenge, but I have something else in mind for that. I keep thinking of the Soft Cell song ” Tainted Love” when every I look at my nails, don’t ask me why.

tainted love

Ruby Kisses HD pitch black darkness

acrylic paint

OMD Nail art Challenge July 2014- Day 1- Mint

Yay!!!  A 31 day challenge is back up again!

OMD Nail art challenge July 2014First up Mint. For mint I chose to do mint chocolate chip ice cream. I do not like this flavor nor do I endorse it, I am a plain jane with vanilla bean or butter pecan. I need to work on my blobs, bit I like this overall.

OMD July nail art challenge Day 1 mint

Shany image plate SH22

Ruby Kisses HD chocolate romance

Nail Pops Tiffany breeze blue