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N.A.I.L- Tye Dye

Hello, I am so proud of this mani I just want to burst. First I am sporting a new nail shape that I did on my own ( so proud of myself)  almond nails ! It was super easy to do , all I did was cut and shape and wah-lah! On to my mani, I did a dry tie-dye on accent nails and then I did a gem border mani with tiny caviar beads in between on my other nails. This has to be to me the coolest thing I have done in a while.

N.A.I.L tie-dye

right hand

N.A.I.L- Tie dyed



Ruby Kisses yellowed out

NYX ruby red

Pure Ice free spirit free spirit

Sinful Colors midnight blue

multi-colored gems

silver caviar beads

N.A.I.L. January '15

DWTS inspired nails- Jack

Way to go Jack! I am excited to see that he is still on the show. Is he going to be in the Finals idk its tough competition minus Bill Engvall ( *cough* cough*)


Here is my mani inspired by Jacks outfit for the Trio Dance :

Here is a photo of just the base colors. If you notice the ring finger is matte. It is my Avon suede polish.

Dwts inspried nails- jack base coatHere is what inspired me and the mani:

jackdwts inspired nails jack

Sorry for the smudges you have to wait a long time for Sharpie to dry before you can put on a top coat.

Avon Suede effects platinum beauty

NYX ruby red

Black Sharpie

N.A.I.L.- Treats and Sweets

I love Halloween candy my ultimate fave is candy corn. I have done 2 manis with it before so tried to steer away from it. I opted to do caramel apples. I am not a fan of this Halloween treat nor have I ever had one.  I opted to do all my nails to look like red apple with caramel dripping down and the accent nail as a green apple. Definitely need to work on my drips, but it does not help that I was doing this at 3:00 in the morning watching scary movies. Sorry for the lack of clean up.

n.a.i.l. treats and sweetsRuby Kisses Neon green

NYX  ruby red

Klean Color dessert

N.A.I.L.- october2013


I know the bloody finger print has been done before, but not by me 🙂 I just wanted something quick and easy to do as I was dead tired from work.

I did my left hand with less red nail polish and the right hand with more. I like the lesser polish more.

(Please excuse my dry hands I forgot to put lotion on before taking the picture)

red rum 1red rum 2

L.A. Colors energy sourceNYX ruby red


#31DC2013- Inspired by a Tutorial

I came upon Lucy’s Stash from another blogger, once I glanced at it I knew I was hooked. Her nail art is gorgeous. One that really drew my eye was the Beaded Pattern nails.

Here is her design….

lucys stash beadded patternAnd here is my sorry attempt… I liked the look minus the lines so I only did it on my thumb nail

31dc2013-inspired by a tutorial


NYXruby red

acrylic paint