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OMD 31day nail art challenge Day 24 Inspired by a Tutorial

So I have this tutorial save on my Pinterest for a while now and thought it is a good of time as any to try it out. The click the image of step by step on how to do it.

All Things 80s by julieventura37 - Nail Art Gallery Step-by-Step Tutorials nailartgallery.nailsmag.com by Nails Magazine www.nailsmag.com #nailart

I only wanted to do the brick wall and do graffiti, but then I was like who am  I kidding and went with a splatter design on it.

omd nail art challenge Day 24 inspired by a tutorial omd nail art challenge Day 24 inspired by a tutorial splatter

NYXruby red

Ruby Kisses HD chocolate romance

Sinful Colors Black on black 1

Kiss nail art striper in white

Kiss nail art striper in blue 1

Kiss nail art striper in soft purple

Kiss nail art striper in beach pink

Kiss nail art striper in yellow



So this was my first time doing the splatter affect on my nail’s, it actually was a lot easier than I thought it would be. What I did was a little research before I attempted to do my little project. Most of the sites I found people use a straw to use do the splatter affect others use brushes, as to I do not have brushes yet ( sooo trying to acquire them) I used a straw.

What I did was cut up a small coffee stirrer straw into smaller pieces, you are going to blow the nail polish onto your nails. Next, I painted my nails black for a base coat, others have chose white and I think I will try that next time.

Then  I chose 4 colors that I wanted on my nail, i was going for the retro look so I chose White, Yellowed out, Barbie purple, and neon green. ( eventually I will get to doing swatches). Sites that I researched said to use the lightest colors first then work your way to the darker.

Then, I dipped one end of the straw into my nail polish making sure that the hole was completely covered. The next step was to blow into the straw, if I did not research this I would have done this completely wrong. The trick is to blow into the straw as if you are saying the word two, putting emphasis on the “t”. At first I tried to blow into it like I was blowing bubbles into soda and nothing was happening, I remembered what I read and did it like I was saying two and it was smooth sailing from there.