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Nail-Art-A-Go-Go: Game Night

So many ideas so little time.  I was so tired last night that I did not want to put anything fancy together. I decided to do paint cards on my nails and us this nail polish I have called Shuffle the Deck.

(Please ignore the smudges )

nail-art-a-go-go game nightRuby Kisses French white

Spoiled shuffle the deck

red and black acrylic paint

gnarly gnails nail art challenge

Spoiled nail polish swatches

spoiled logo

So on a day I got to myself on my vacation I went to CVS to check out the polish scene. I spotted a polish I have not seen up my way which was the Spoiled by Wet n’ Wild.

First up is shuffle the deck it has a clear base with Red, Silver, and Black hexagon glitter.

shuffle the deck swatchLeft is just by itself on the right is on top of a white base coat

2nd color is the parking meteor expired which is a blackish green shimmery color. I t was really hard to photo graph it so I did the best I could.

the parking meteor expired swatchIgnore the pic in the background it is my next nail art design I wanna try.