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Heart Glitter Placement

I can’t believe Valentines Day is only 5 days away. The bar I frequent is also having another Prom theme on Saturday so I get to go  prom dress shopping too.  My original mani was going to be such a cool fancy affair, but I got lazy and messed up my nail so I did the simple and easy approach. I did a red and pink gradient with heart glitter placement with my new polish.

pink heart glitter placement

L”Oreal – femme fatale

Fresh Paints- springtime bloom

Funky Fingers- Capture

So I have been bringing my nail polish with me to pool lately planning to do my nails and one of my friends got inspired to do her own nails.

brittnays glitter placement


N.A.I.L.- Pastel

So I based my mani today on one of my new nail polishes that I have not used before. It is Salons Perfects flower power glitter topper .  I was going to do a dry water marble but the boyfriend try to do a real water marble again. I have not does it in so long and in the past they came out so bad that I was a bit hesitant. This time I’m not sure what I did different, but it was a success!

N.A.I.L.- Pastels

N.Y.C.-French tip white

Orly- springtime bloom


OPI- wheres my czechbook

Salon Perfect- flower power


Hellooo Nurse!!!!

This year I was scrambling around for a costume and did not do any of the ideas that I originally wanted. I found a cheap nurse costume and called it a day and it was a big hit.

nurse costume

I did my nails as well for  the costume as well. I did a heart rhythm design in pink in white instead of matching the costume with a white and red. The pink is my new one from Sally’s as they were having a sale I also bought 2 mini bottles of top coat for $2.00 and it filled up my bottle that was getting low. Smart ides instead of having to dish out $9.00 for a whole new bottle.

nurse halloween mani

Finger Paintsspringtime bloom

red acrylic paint

Here is some other Halloween fun.

This is my pumpkin I entered in our work decorating contest. I won blingiest.

bling pumpkin

And here is my little one a a vampire for Halloween

gi's halloween costume