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Giavanna’s dragon nails

I finally got to do my daughters nails again. She rarely ask me and it kills me as I have all of these polishes and ideas for her and she would rather paint her nails herself. I used a shimmery gray background that she picked out and my gold dragon decal stickers. It was her idea to add the red gems in the corner.  New Years is a 80’s/90’s theme. I’m not sure if I am participating yet order not, I had a outfit all picked out for a regular new years. If I can’t find a neon tutu and some neon leg warmers to go over leggings I am going to dress regular.

Gis dragon nails

Ruby Kisses

Gold dragon decal stickers

red gems


OK finally back to doing a daily nail art challenge! I feel that this one is way out of my league as I have no art skills whats-so ever. Well it can’t hurt to try.

First up Achromatic, no lie I gad to look this up as I had no idea what it was. What it actually means is the absence of color( Thanks Google). For today I did a black, grey, and white camo design with black and white glitter accent nail.

nail a go go nail art challenge

with flash

nail a go go nail art challenge

NYX grey

L.A. Colors energy source

Ruby Kisses Steel Magnolia

H&M manhunter

NYX irreplaceable

O.P.I. pirouette my whistle


gnarly gnails nail art challenge

Day 1 Red: Black widow spider

I wanted to do something non traditional for todays mani. I wanted to highlight the color red so I though of a black widow spider. I got inspiration from Spellbinding Nails Halloween nail art you can see it here. Only difference is I had to do it by hand not stamps.

April 30 day challenge red

Base Coat: NYC tribeca silver

Web: Ruby Kisses French white

Spider: Ruby Kisses Steel Magnolia

Red gem

Swatches Ruby Kisses and Ruby Kisses HD

What is a girl to do, waiting for her nails to grow back so unable to do art on her nails……swatches! I have the free time why the hell not.

ruby kisses logoRuby Kisses is one of my favorite polishes to buy, not only are the colors pretty, but there are cheap as well I get the bottles for a dollar a piece at the store where I buy my hair (if ya didn’t know I have weave in my hair most of the time). It is a creme base polish with smooth application and they also make glitter polish.

ruby kisses swatches

From left to right:

Tropical Blend
Pink Flamingo
Madmoiselle- sheer pink
Teal Envy
Blues Clue
Regaled Out Blue
Neon Green
Tropical Green
Yellowed Out
Orange U Over?
Red Cameo

ruby kisses swatches 2

From left to right:

Red Romance-red base with small rectangular hologram pieces and tiny circle hologram glitter
Blinged Out- clear base silver glitter
Baby Blue-clear base silver and blue glitter
Crazy Night Out-Purple hexagon glitter pieces and,purple glitter, and hologram glitter
All Purpled Out-clear base purple glitter
French White
Steel Magnolia
“Look At Me” Purple
Barbie Purple

Ruby Kisses HD

ruby kisses HD logo

Ruby Kisses HD swatches

From left to right:

Whiter than White
Tinkerbell Teal
Chocolate Romance
Spicy Apricot

Dec 12th Holiday Movie

I was not a fan of this challenge. I swore off all holiday movies and refuse to watch any of them when they come on TV. I know its a shame and I have a 8  year old. Its not that I’m anti- Christmas I just think I grew out of it. Except for Shrek’s Christmas- when Puss was telling the night before x-mas and his eyes got huge when he was playing with the Christmas balls.

So for the the challenge I asked people what their favorite movie was and the majority was Christmas Vacation. I tried to do a santa getting electrocuted like on the cover of the movie. Again I have no artistic talent whatsoever.

xmas cover

12-28-2012 10-05-18 PM Base coat: Ruby Kisses- Steel Magnolia

Santa outfit- Kiss Striper- red, Sally Hansen nail art pen- Black and White

Body: Ruby Kisses- Madmoiselle

Lights: Klean Color – Neon Yellow, Kiss Striper- Blue, Ruby Kisses- Neon Green

Electricity: Kiss Striper – Pearl Gold

Dec. 9th Snowmen

I really wanted to do something different this time besides what I normally do for snowmen so I decided to do a melting snow man on one of my nails. I did not want to do a big production due to I’m a day behind and I would just have to take if off to do the next days task.

Ruby Kisses- Steel Magnolia

Ruby Kisses- Steel Magnolia

12-28-2012 10-08-59 PM

Sun- Ruby Kisses Yellowed Out

Snowman- Sally Hansen White nail art pen

Hat, Outline, Hands, Face Sally Hansen Black nail art pen