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Orange and Purple Stripes

Here is another one of my creations from browsing through a magazine. A girl had on a knee lenght orange and gold sweater dress and I thought the colors would look great on my nails. Again I wish I took the time to draw straight lines and take my time. I did not wait long enough for the polish to dry before putting on a top coat hence where the streaks came from.

Orange and purple stripesMaybeline goldilocks

NYX dark purple

I was not as proud of this mani as I thought I was going to be so I added my new glitter topper to the  mix, Wet n Wilds  stick it to the man it has a clear base with teal, green, and blue hexagon, and orange square glitter. The formula was a bit watery, but I love the color combo.

stick it to the man over stripes


Yikes, Stripes

I finally getting the chance to go through the tons of phones I have saved on my laptops for things I eventually want to try.  The stripes image I have copied from was sent to me so not sure who it belongs to Dollface22772.


original image

original image

I definitely need to work on my stripes and I think it would have turned out better if I just randomly did colors instead of trying to copy exactly like the image. Over all the look on the actual nails is cool. Not sure why it came out so dull in the photos.

yikes stripesyikes stripes pt2

Ruby Kisses French white

acrylic paint

#31DC2013- Violet Nails

I had this intricate design that I wanted to do for today, but it ended up looking like a checkered board again and I did that already for the green nails. So I just did some simple stripes.

31dc2012-Violet nailsI got bored of it fairly quickly and decided to paint over it with solid purple and do a light stripe of light purple acrylic paint to add some kind jazz it up. Don’t mind the smudges I work a 11 hour shift and fell asleep waiting for the top coat to dry.

31dc2013 purple nailsWet n Wild on a trip

NYX dark purple


#31DC2013- Yellow Nails

I’m pretty happy with the color choice for today I like yellow as it look good on my skin tone and I thing I went a little overboard yesterday prepping for today’s nail art. ( Am I the only one that does it the day before?) So I bought this Bat Girl shirt from Wal-Mart I had to have it, but almost didn’t due to there was a cape that was attached to it. It was removable, but that was not my problem. I was not sure if I was comfortable being almost 30 ( ……groan) walking around with a cape on my back. Then I was like I am almost 30 and why do I give a damn what others think. If they don’t like it they can give me money and I will go buy something they do like.  Here are a few pics with me and my shirt. Also my brother had a matching BatMan hat in the same colors so I took some pics with that too.

batman collageOnto the nails. I don’t do much free hand art and wanted to try out making random squiggles. Its  pretty cool I think.

#31DC2013-yellow nails

Zoya pippa

Sinful Colors why not

Pink,Black,Green, and White acrylic paint


OMD 31 day nail art challenge Day 5-Skittle mani

I posted 2 today as it would be weird for me to walk around with 4th of July nails tomorrow.


I have never done a skittle mani before and had to look this one up. From what I read you can either have each of your nails a different color or have different designs on each nail. I have seen others with different designs on each of their nails and think its pretty. I though in head that if I tried that it would look like chaos.

I gave it a shot and liked what came out, I think it worked as I had a theme in mind which was 4th of July.I did everything I could think of stripes, dots,gradient, and stamping, Even Used nail polish called Fireworks.

OMD nail art challenge Day 5

Ruby Kisses red cameo

Ruby Kisses French white

Ruby Kisses regaled out blue

Hard Candyfireworks

Kiss Striper in red

Kiss Striper in blue

Bundle Monster plate BM20