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Neon Stars and Stripes

So I bought this gorgeous Sinful Colors Neon Yellow with Green undertones called celtic sun. I knew I wanted to do some actual nail art with it instead of just painting my nails. I found the perfect on searching on Google it was on Lusty Fashion under the article Top 10 Neon nail art Designs. It did not say who did the art so sorry I can not give out Kudos.

Here is the original image

stars and stripes originalHere is my recreation. I tried to do the stars look and it did not turn out right. I used liquid from  hollywood walk of fame and picked out individual stars from it as well. I still do not like this polish it is too gooey.

neon stars and stripesI was not sure if I liked the stars on or not so I decided not to do it on my right hand.

neon stars and stripes minus stars

Of course this is brighter in person and I used striping tape to make the lines. I also used my new black polish as all my other ones were shot.

China Glaze celtic sun

Sinful Colors 24/7

Revlon knockout

striping tape

Nail-Art-A-Go-Go: Oils (textures/brush strokes)

I don’t own any oil paints so I just went off of the texture part of the title. I had a image in my head that I wanted my nails to look like the middle of a road so I already had in my head what I wanted to do when I got home ( I look for ideas when I am at work then go home and attempt them)

nail-art-a-go-go oilsRuby Kisses yellowed out

Zoya dahlia

striping tape


gnarly gnails nail art challenge


Nothing fancy again today, decided to play with the striping tape I bought, but barely use. The design for this came from the add on amazon for striping tape. I wanted to do tiger stripes, but thought it would be too close to the animal print theme that is tomorrow. My mom liked this nail design for some reason.

31dc2013 stripes


Ruby Kisses HD tinkerbell teal

striping tape

gold gem


OMD 31 day nail art challenge Day 23 Music Themed + wet n wild kaleidoscope swatch

I still have in my head a music note mani that I want to do at least once,but I figured there would be a lot submitted so I veered off the somethin g a little different……Disco!!!!

My accent nail is the disco lights and the rest are strobe lights.

omd nail art challenge day 23 music themedIn this pic I added glitter to the disco lights. Not sure which one I like better.

with glitter

with glitter

Ruby KissesBlues clue

Wet n Wild on a trip

Ruby Kisses tropical green

Ruby Kisses pink flamingo

Ruby Kisses yellowed out

Funky Fingers atomic poppy

Kiss nail art striper inblack

Ruby Kisses pure black

Wet N Wild kaleidoscope

Striping tape

As for the swatch I picked up Kaleidoscope for.69 at Walgreen’s I was shocked! It had a whole display of colors for cheap and I had to decide on just one. I picked this gorgeous sheer polish with tiny holographic silver glitter. Hard to capture the shininess with the camera.


Here is a pic of Kaleidoscope on its own:

kaleidoscope swatch

April 30 day nail art challenge Day 27 Inspired by a Tutorial

There is so much great art out there that I did not know which one to chooses from. What I ended up doing was picking a number and then going on YouTube and going down the list till I got to the number I picked. The tutorial I ended up on was a reciprocal gradient mani done by SimpleLittlePleasues . I have never heard of this and when I saw her cover image I was hooked to try it. Mine does not look as sharp as hers, but practice makes perfect, you can check out the tutorial here. 

april 30 day nail art challenge day 27 inspired by a tutorial

Ruby Kisses French white

Wet n Wild on a trip

SinfulColors let's talk


striping tape


Shiny Easter Eggs

Not much to say here. Used some striping tape and multi colored gems to make Easter eggs.

shiny easter egg

Thumb:Maybeline Color show Orange fix

Pointer finger: Ruby Kisses Blues Clue

Middle: Ruby Kisses Yellowed Out

Ring: Wet n Wild On a Trip

Pinky: Ruby Kisses Tropical Blend

Green and Silver Striping tape

Multi colored ghems