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August 19th-25th challenge- Sand

So I finally did it and bough acrylic paint and  and boy was I happy. It was so easy to work with. I bough a cheap 14 color pack at Micheal’s craft store, but from what I hear online it was the right kind as it kind of had a water consistency. I heard if the paint is more solid it was not good to work with.

I wanna apologize in advance for my pictures. I did not clean my sponge when I was doing the gradient hence the bumps which are pieces of sponge that I could not get off. Also you can see cat hair that escaped my notice after I put on a top coat.

This idea is not my own and I got it from Nail Pro Magazine.  If you can’t see the image it is supposed to be waves washing up on a beach at sunset. ( whew long description).

link up idesa sand

link up with flash

with flash


Ruby Kisses French white

Santeesky blue

Ruby Kisses tropical blend

Klean Color dessert

Acrylic paint in blue, white, and yellow


South Carolina Here I Come

So one of my co-workers asked if I wanted to go to South Carolina with her, of course I did not hesitate and said yes. My second thought was what am I going to do on my nails. I ended up with a beautiful sunset design on my nails and multicolored toes with Rhinestones.

beach at sunsetRuby Kisses yellowed out

Funky Fingers atomic poppy

NYX ruby red

Kiss striper black


If you are not a feet person do not look at pic below. My toes are not cute in anyway.

beach toesFunky Fingers atomic poppy

Ruby Kisses pink flamingo

Ruby Kisses Neon green

Ruby Kisses Blues clue

Ruby Kisses yellowed out

Clear gems

Pre-Spring nail art challenge Day 14- Re-create favorite mani

This was a fun challenge and I am kinda glad to get back to the days where I can leave my designs on longer than one day. I decided to recreate my Sun mani as it was one of my favorite ones to do. I just ended up changing the colors around.

pre spring nail art challenge day 14 Re create mani

Top to Bottom-

Avon- Viva Pink

Pure Ice- Hot Tamale

Pure Ice-Excuse Me

Palm Tree- Kiss striper

Pre-Spring nail art challenge day 6 sun

I was pretty stoked for this challenge all day I was thinkng sunsets. I’m pretty happy how the sponging gradients worked out.

pre spring nail art challenge day 6 sun

Ocean: Essie Aruba Blue and NYX Dark Purple

Sunset: Pure Ice Excuse Me and Siren

Palm Tree: SinfulColors Black on Black