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Color Show Street Art swatches

Another boring day in work land….sigh work is boring right now, my social life is boring right now, and my love life is boring right now. This is pretty much how I am feeling right now:


My nail art today is me swatching these glitter polishes I had for over a year now and playing with stripping tape I have not touched in forever.

Street Art swatches

Ruby Kisses red cameo

Ruby Kisses Teal Envy

Wet n Wild French tip white

Sinful Colors endless blue

Maybelline Color Showwild at heart

Maybelline Color ShowBlue Beats

Maybelline Color Shownighttime noise

4 Alarm Fire and Varsity Blues swatch

Look at me just cranking out the pictures. I have a ton of polish that I never swatches that I am trying to put in my nail polish drawer and clean up some space on my shelf.

4 Alarm fire is a free polish I received from Ipsy.

4 alarm fire

Next, I painted another Funky Fingers polish called Varsity Blues over the pink.

varsity blues over 4 alarm fire

Aurora Gel Effects 4 alarm fire

Funky Fingers varsity blues

Absolute swatch and Glitter placement mani


Still getting back into the swing of things.  The work scandal is over, but now everyone is wandering around like a chicken with their head cut off on what to do next.  As for personal life me and the ex are still trying to co-habitate and I am experiencing bouts of depression from time to time. I just have this huge sense of loneliness I don’t want to be in a relationship, but I do want someone there, its hard to explain and I hope it goes away. I feel this is just my not being single since 19 and not knowing how to be by myself.

Anywho, a friend of mine at work had me sign up for ipsy, which sends you free stuff every month with a $10 subscription. I have so far received eye-make up and hair stuff along with two nail polishes. The one I am showing now is from a company called Absolute New York. The color was really pretty, but drying was kind of chalky.

absolute new  york

Absolute New York Turquoise

With my demotion I have all of this spare time I just finish my 5th book in 3 weeks and I painted my nails at work. This might be a new thing and I can get my challenges done in a more timely manner. I added a new glitter top coat I got from 5Below called I ❤ U.

I 3 u over  turquoiseFunky Fingers i 3 u

Wedding Crasher over Romance

I’m still working on creating my neon nail art, but I have been so busy that I have not sat down and had time to dedicate myself to nail art. It’s great that I still have polishes I have not swatched yet. Today is Hard Candy wedding crasher, wedding crasher is a clear base with multi sized black and white hexagon glitter and shredded pink glitter pieces. I brought the look together over a pale pink from my The Color Workshop polishes., this color did not have a name so I named it romance.

I used more glitter on my right hand than my left. I kind of like that look better than the sparse glitter on my right.

wedding crasher over romance left hand

left hand- light glitter


wedding crasher over romance right hand

right hand- more glitter

wedding crasher over romance with flash

with flash

Let The Games Begin Pop-arazzi !

I love when titles mesh together well. My swatches are continuing and my colors today are Fresh Paint Let The Games Begin and Hard Candy Pop-arazzi.

let the games begin is a gorgeous teal blue. It is part of their candy collection paying homage to Candy Crush.

let the games beging swatchpop-arazzi– contains a clear base with multi colored matte hexagon glitter pieces. It is part of the pop-art collection.

in sunlight

in sunlight

pop-arazzi over let the games begin pt2

Sinful Colors- Mirror Mirror swatch+ Gold Flakie mani


Still on my new swatching kick where I am going to wear the colors instead of painting them on fake nails.

Next up is mirror mirror by Sinful Colors is is a deep oxblood red that is gorgeous. I from the pictures I can tell it is going to stain my nails and hope the base coat I put down helps. I decided to stamp over it with gold polish thinking it would be more eye catching. I pulled my Shany plate and decided to go with these cool triangles that I saw. Lo and behold when I stamped it make it look like gold flecks and fell in love!

It was hard to capture the dark red of the polish so this is the best one I was able to get

fake gold flakies mani over mirror mirrorHere is the photo again with flash so you can see the gold tamped flecks.

fake gold flakies mani with flashSinful Colors mirror mirror

Sally Hansen golden-i

Shany Image plate SH 22

The funny thing is there is a song I heard on Dancing With the Stars called Mirror Mirror and I have been obsessed with, but can not find it to download it. I think they made it up for the show, but I am determined to find it. Click link to hear song. Try to ignore the awesome dancing of the professionals and here the song    http://dai.ly/x173oy5

Orly-Gravity Bound swatch + mani

I have come to realize that I keep buying all of these polishes and have yet to wear more than half of them. well that is going to change. I am trying to add more structure to my blog, not sure why as I work better with chaos.

I nabbed Orly gravity bound from my local Sally’s Beauty supply mostly because the colors reminded me of a peacock. It has a dark blue shimmery base with purple and white hexagon glitter.

gravity bound swatchI could not just leave the polish as is so just added some gems to the middle of the nail . It’s prettier in person 🙂

gems on gravity bound

Nuance Prickly Pear swatch

So the boy toy realized I was mad at him the other days so when he ran in to get cold medicine at the store he grabbed me a bottle of nail polish he saw me looking at last time we where there. It was by Salma Hayek called Nuance and it’s called Prickly Pear.

prickly pear– is a really pretty forest green shade. It looks similar to Calypso that I just picked up, but I believe Calypso has a more blue hue to it.

prickly pear swatch

Sinful Colors Calypso, Endless Blue, and Midnight Blue

I’m in the middle of doing nail polish inventory and try to find out what colors I am lacking. Noticed I do not have that many blues and am lacking in the different shades of green department.  I went to Wal-Greens and picked up a few of the Sinful Colors polishes , one they are gorgeous two they are cheap.

calypso– is a beautiful dark green that I had to have as I currently do not own a shade that looks like it.

calypso swatch

endless blue– is a bright gorgeous blue. I am still adjusting to the new camera and it was unable to capture its blueness.

endless blue swatch


midnight blue– is a metallic blue polish. I had to nab it to replace my Essie Aruba blue that is getting gunky

midnight blue swatch

Zoya Dannii, Giovanna, and Dahlia swatches

My Zoya polishes came in from the 3 free sale that they were running. I think I am now going to try and buy polish of names of the women in my life and see how my collection turns out. ( with a extra pixie dust here and there as a treat)

First up danii– Zoya describes it as: Medium orchid purple with pink and champagne highlights and flecks of silver metallic shimmer. I was looking for Danielle, but it appears they are no longer making it so I settled for my Nickname its not spelled the same, but it is close enough.

dannii swatch

giovanna– Zoya describes is as as: a stunning emerald green metallic. I picked this one as my daughters name is Giavanna.

Giovanna swatch

dahlia– Zoya describes it as:a black beauty with a sugared sparkle

dahlia swatch Dahlia swatch part 2