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Neon Studs over Tangerine

My post have been slow in coming and that mostly is due to me being hard on myself, I made a new years resolution not to post anything that I am not proud of. This is not to say I am ashamed of my work, but I want to push my self to do better and take pride in what I do.

I know this is more like a summer mani instead of spring ( not that you could tell they are expecting snow on Tuesday ), but I wanted something upbeat on my nails. It nothing fancy just short and sweet ,a bright orange polish with square neon studs on top.

I had to take pictures of my non dominant hand due to I used my base coat as a top coat by accident  and I had some major smudging.

neon studs over tangerine

Ruby Kisses tangerine

Neon square studs

Nail-Art-A-Go-Go: Abstract (splatter.popart.cubism)

Still behind, but I am going to finish this challenge even if it kills me ( geez its not even that serious.) For abstract I went a little funky and just did any thing that came to mind. I got 2 compliments off of it so I guess it served its purpose for the day.

nail-art-a-go-go abstract

H&M manhunter

O.P.I. i think in pink

Pure Ice hot tamale

N.Y.C.  lexington yellow

Ruby Kisses French white

Avon coral reef

Wet n Wild blazed

Ruby Kisses tangerine

blue acrylic paint

gnarly gnails nail art challenge

Nail-Art-A-Go-Go: Round and Square

I kind of like this odd design I did. I used striping tape to help me get the squares together. Not feeling very wordy today so have nothing else to add.

Nail-art-a-go-go round and square

with flash

with flash

N.Y.C. high line green

Ruby Kisses pink flamingo

Zoya pippa

Wet n Wild on a trip

Ruby Kisses Teal Envy

H&M nail polish manhunter

Ruby Kisses French white

Ruby Kisses tangerine

NYX dark purple

Pure Ice  siren

Sinful Colors endless blue

gnarly gnails nail art challenge





Nail-Art-A-Go-Go:Warm vs Cool

Good Grief, it is another snow day, they are saying up to 12″. Me being the idiot I am came to work again as I did not want to use a personal day or vacation time if I did not show up( some people have already used all of their days up from not coming in from previous snow days already). On to the mani. I loved doing my fire flies gradient that I decided to do it again for this time using Fimo canes. My first time doing it was here and here .

I know I need a a refill so please ignore that part I will be buying acrylic once I get some dough.

Nail-art-a-go-go warm vs Cool

L.A. Colors energy source

Sinful Colors why not

Santee sky blue

Ruby Kisses yellowed out

Ruby Kisses tangerine

acrylic paint

Fimo nail cane

gnarly gnails nail art challenge

Gritty Rainbow

I was trying again to try and do a equalizer on my nails and again I failed. This time I spaced my colors out to far on my sponge when I was doing the gradient part. I ended up liking the way It looked so decided to just keep it the way it was then start all over.

Here is the gradient on its own.

rainbow gradient

After looking at it I decided to put some black and white glitter over top of the gradient. It gives it a more edgy look.

grity rainbow

with flash

with flash

L.A. Colors energy source

Ruby Kisses Teal Envy

Ruby Kisses tropical green

Ruby Kisses yellowed out

Ruby Kisses tangerine

Ruby Kisses tropical blend

L.A. Girlspotted

OMD 31 day nail art challenge Day 15-Hearts

I’m back from vay-cay! I had a great time gambling with money I shouldn’t have. This post was done the night before I was set to leave so I apologize for it’s lack of finesse.

I got the idea for this one while surfing the web. I tried to re-create the earth heart,cookie heart,Panda cookie,Skull heart, and the Orange heart. Sorry for the horribleness I could have spent more time on it.

Hearts-Wallpaper-641omd nail art challenge day 15 hearts thumb Omd nail art challenge day 15 hearts

Earth  heart- SinfulColors why not and Kiss Striper in green

Cookie heart- Klean Color dessert and NYX milk chocolate 1

Panda heart- SinfulColors why not and Ruby Kisses French white

Skull heart- Ruby Kisses French white

Orange heart-Ruby Kisses tangerine, Color in dessert, and Kiss striper in green

Eyes and Mouth -Ruby Kisses pure black and Ruby Kisses French white