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Even though I am in love with my puppy, I can’t forget that I still have love for cats. I decided to do some tiger like stripes on a tiger colored background.  I used gold as my base and sponged on some orange on top. I decided to break out the matte top coat to cover this awesomeness up and I really like the look

roar roar pt2

roar pt3

Klean Colors Gold bright

Ruby Kisses HD spicy apicot

black acrylic paint

Sinful Colors Matte top coat

April 30 day nail art challenge Day 23 Caviar mani

I bought these caviar beads a while ago on a whim and have yet to do anything with them so I was glad this challenge had it on there.

april 30 day nail art challenge day 23 caviar mani

april 30 day nail art challenge day 23 caviar mani w flash

The tiger stripe was pretty easy to accomplish. All I did was paint in a triangle shape with clear polish and sprinkle beads over the wet polish.

Base Coat: The Color Workshop Romance ( UN-named named myself)

Mulit colored caviar beads

Pre Spring Nail Art Challenge Day 12 Stripes

I did a lot of searching for stripe ideas and I came across a bunch of cool ones that I can try at a later time,but I thought hey what about tiger stripes? I tried to make it a a tiger tone instead of crazy colors that I usually do.

pre spring nail art challenge day 12 stripes

Gradient: KleanColor Gold Bright and White

Stripes: NYX Black