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Inspired by Dancing with the Stars- Snooki

OMG I such a old lady for admitting this, but I love Dancing with the Stars. The music, the costumes, the emotion, and the hunky dancers ( ❤ Maxim).  I did post a long while back of nails inspired by Dancing with the Stars outfits. I finally got inspired by this season to do it again. This post was inspired by Nicole’s ( Snooki) outfit for this past Monday night. It was a brown leopard dress with teal or fringes on the shoulders and bottom of the dress. This is the best picture I could find

snooki's dressNow here is my Mani

DWTS inspried nailsRuby Kisses HD  tinkerbell teal

Pure Ice totally amp

Black permanent marker


I know I am a few days behind on this challenge,but the overtime at the warehouse has killed my sleep and my nails. I saw a few people do tribal after their heritage and I thought it was pretty cool so I decided to fo some African tribal nails. I got the idea from Google images.

african tribal print

Sorry for using fake nails, but my numbs are in pain right down to the quick. Neon Yellow is getting a little gloopy so had to use acrylic paint for the thumb and ring finger.

31dc2013 tribal

Klean Color neon yellow

SinfulColors Black on black 1

NYX ruby red

Ruby Kisses HD tinkerbell teal

acrylic paint



Nothing fancy again today, decided to play with the striping tape I bought, but barely use. The design for this came from the add on amazon for striping tape. I wanted to do tiger stripes, but thought it would be too close to the animal print theme that is tomorrow. My mom liked this nail design for some reason.

31dc2013 stripes


Ruby Kisses HD tinkerbell teal

striping tape

gold gem


April 30 day nail art challenge Day 16: Tribal

So I have not done a official tribal nail art design and there is just so many things you can do. I decided to do a Egyptian theme.

april 30 day nail art challenge day 16  tribal

Thumb: Klean ColorGold bright with Ruby Kisses HD tinkerbell teal

Index: tinkerbell teal and NYX gold glitter

Middle Finger: Gold bright Sinful Colors Black on black 1

Ring Finger: tinkerbell teal  and Gold bright

Pinky: Gold bright and Black on black 1

Swatches Ruby Kisses and Ruby Kisses HD

What is a girl to do, waiting for her nails to grow back so unable to do art on her nails……swatches! I have the free time why the hell not.

ruby kisses logoRuby Kisses is one of my favorite polishes to buy, not only are the colors pretty, but there are cheap as well I get the bottles for a dollar a piece at the store where I buy my hair (if ya didn’t know I have weave in my hair most of the time). It is a creme base polish with smooth application and they also make glitter polish.

ruby kisses swatches

From left to right:

Tropical Blend
Pink Flamingo
Madmoiselle- sheer pink
Teal Envy
Blues Clue
Regaled Out Blue
Neon Green
Tropical Green
Yellowed Out
Orange U Over?
Red Cameo

ruby kisses swatches 2

From left to right:

Red Romance-red base with small rectangular hologram pieces and tiny circle hologram glitter
Blinged Out- clear base silver glitter
Baby Blue-clear base silver and blue glitter
Crazy Night Out-Purple hexagon glitter pieces and,purple glitter, and hologram glitter
All Purpled Out-clear base purple glitter
French White
Steel Magnolia
“Look At Me” Purple
Barbie Purple

Ruby Kisses HD

ruby kisses HD logo

Ruby Kisses HD swatches

From left to right:

Whiter than White
Tinkerbell Teal
Chocolate Romance
Spicy Apricot

Day 7 Pastel (tape mani) & Day 8 Jewellery

Oopss I missed a day but I mad it up by doing two mani’s in the same night.

Day 7- Pastel (tape mani)- Don’t judge this was a quick on off idea

pre spring nail art challenge pastel ( tape mani)

Base Coat: Ruby Kisses HD Whiter than White

Stripes (top to bottom)-Wet n Wild On a Trip,Ruby Kisses Yellowed Out and Teal Envy.

Flower Decal- Got at a 70’s party

Day 8-Jewllery

I bought these really interesting Earrings when I went to South Carolina so decided to kinda copy them.

lips earring

pre spring nail art challenge day 8 jewllery

Base Coat: Ruby Kisses HD Tinkerbell Teal

Lips Stamping plate-Bundle Monster BM02

Lips Color: Ruby Kisses Barbie Purple

New Years!!!!

So excited that new years is finally here. I tried out a lot of ideas and finally picked something (runners up will be shown below). I saw this beautiful background when I was looking to change my computer wallpaper and decided to do the design on my left hand. For the thumb I did fireworks.


1-8-2013 10-59-57 AM

Very happy how this turned out but the gold outline for the 3 looks bad,

Basecoat:SinfulColors Black on Black covered by The Color Workshop (no  name) black with green  and purple glitter

2013: clear gems

2013 outline: Klean Color Gold Bright

Fireworks: Ruby Kisses HD Tinkerbell Teal,Klean Color Gold Bright, NYC in a new york minute Tribeca Silver

On my right hand I did a out line of a city with fireworks in the sky.

1-8-2013 11-00-43 AM

Base Coat: Ruby Kisses Regaled Out Blue

Buildings: Sinful Colors Black on Black

Lights:Klean Color Neon Yellow

Fireworks:Ruby Kisses Barbie Purple,Ruby Kisses Neon Green (thumb) Ruby Kisses Blues Clue (index) Ruby Kisses Tangerine(Middle)Klean Color white Avon Viva Pink(ring) NYC in  a new york minute Tribeca Silver

Here are the ones that didnt make it:



1-8-2013 11-02-27 AM

botched mirror ball

Champagne Glasses

Champagne Glasses


So today I have strayed from my nail art challenge ( and I was so close). Last night I went to tailgate for the Eagles vs. Dallas game and wanted a cool design. I decided to do a gradient design using Ruby Kisses HD White on White as a base coat and I painted Ruby Kisses Tinkerbell Teal and Avon’s Viva Pink on a sponge and patted it onto my nail. It came together nicely and even made a purple color between the Teal and Pink.

1-8-2013 3-21-09 PM

My nails need to rest so my nails are completely naked right now!  No color or fake nails.

Day 11- Autumn dots

Today’s challenge I struggled with, I did not know if I wanted to do a base coat with dots on it or if I wanted to do a design with dots. I opted for the design with dots. I used a base coat of Ruby Kisses HD Tinkerbell Teal.

Then I used Ruby Kisses HD chocolate romance to make a tree. Then I used dots of Pure Ice Siren, Ruby Kisses HD Spicy Apricot, Klean Color Dessert, and Klean Color Neon yellow to make leaves.