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My 1st Blobbicure

So I have to call it quits with trying to complete the OMD3 challenge. With my personal life and work scandal that is going on I just don’t have the time or energy to do my nails. That how down in the dumps I know I am I am if I don’t even want to paint my nails. Anywho, this is my 1st attempt at doing a Blobicure manicure, I was inspired by someone else’s nails but had to tweak it a bit as my lines were not coming in as tiny as I liked.

1st blobicure

Avon floraluscious

Wet n Wild i need a refresh-mint

Ulta boogie nights

black acrylic paint

Ulta you Whore!

Why didn’t anyone warn me not to go into Ulta? I didn’t think there was any near me so I never bothered to search for it.  I was just leaving the party store to go decorate my job for customer serviced week.

Call-Center-HumorI actually don’t feel that way I am a very nice on the phone to any customers that I happen to speak with and I genuinely try to help them. You do get the crack pots though, this one lady got mad as she ordered a drop ship item ( take 7-10 days to ship from the manufacturer) and it did not arrive in the time frame she expected.Her dog died and she froze it in her backyard and now it was beginning to thaw. No Joke! This other woman called and was thinking something was wrong with her dog as it was pooping out brown things the size of tiny watermelons. I had to not laugh and say her dog was having puppies and she should call a vet as we sell pet food. You can’t make that stuff up.

Back to my title. Ulta is a amazing…I apologize for calling you a whore. The polish might be a bit pricey, but I finally came across some of the awesome polishes that others have blogged about (Sorry Butter London, $15 a bottle, maybe next pay week) and finally got a clear based black and white glitter that I have been looking forever for.

First Up boogie nightss by Ulta this is such a pretty glitter polish it contains tiny champagne glitter with tiny green, pink, blue, orange, and silver hexagon glitter. It was hard to photograph so I included a bottle shot.

Boogie nights swatchboogie nights bottle shot

Next is pinata yada yada by Ulta. My daughter picked this on out it is multi-color glitter birthday glitter. Another hard to capture Glitter so I have another bottle shot.

pinata yada yada swatch pinata yada yada bottle shot

boo gie down is part of the monster ball collection  by China Glaze it has small, medium & large black hex glitters, some white hex & larger copper gold hex glitters and some black bar glitter in a clear base

Boo-gie down swatch

Finally the elusive black and white glitter polish whirled away by China Glaze small black hexagon glitter with medium white hexagon glitter and black bar glitter.

Whirled Away swatch

Last but not least I nabbed a brand I never heard of before never hide by Piggy Polish. It has tiny holographic glitter with medium sized green glitter pieces.

never hide swatch never hide bottle shot