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OMD 31 day nail art challenge Day 13 stars

I have yet to do a galaxy mani, I was excited to try it out!

omd nail art challenge Day 13 stars

Ruby Kisses pure black

Klean Color whiter than white

Ruby Kisses yellowed out

Wet n Wild shameless

Wet n Wild blazed

Avon luxe lavender

Kiss striper pearl gold

Dotting tool

I wanted to add more details so I did a different zodiac sign for the people in my life. I tried as best I could with the space and lack of skill that I have to make it exactly how it is supposed to be.

Gemini- My mom and me

omd nail art challenge Day 13 stars-gemini


Leo for my bro, Scorpio for my daughter, Aquarius for my nephew and Capricorn for my cats (yes my cats)

omd nail art challenge Day 13 stars2


OMD 31 day nail art challenge Day 9 Texture

I don’t have many textured Polish in my stash. All I have is the sand polish and the fuzzy coat from Sally Hansen . I decided to go the fuzzy coat route.

OMd nail art challenge Day 9N.Y.C lexington yellow

Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat peach fuzz

Avon mandarin magic

O.P.I. i think in pink

Sinful Colors Black on black 1

Klean Colors  whiter than white

April 30 day nail art challenge Day 9:Polka Dots

I really like this design. I got the inspiration off of google by typing in the search Clown polka dot backgrounds. I used a dotting tool to make all the dots.

left hand

left hand

right hand

right hand


Base Coat: Ruby Kisses yellowed out

Polka Dots: Ruby Kisses HD whiter than white,NYC high line green,NYX ruby red,Essie Aruba Blue.


Base coat:Ruby Kisses Teal Envy

Polka Dots:NYC high line green,Ruby Kisses Blues clue,Pure Ice hot tamaleNYX ruby red


Base Coat: Ruby Kisses HD whiter than white

Polka Dots: NYC high line green,Ruby Kisses Blues clue,NYX ruby red, Ruby Kisses yellowed out.


Base Coat:Ruby Kisses Blues clue

Polka dots:Essie Aruba Blue,NYX ruby red,Ruby Kisses yellowed out,Ruby Kisses HD whiter than white


Base Coat:NYC high line green

Polka Dot:Essie Aruba Blue and Ruby Kisses yellowed out

right hand

right hand

Same Colors used so only mentioning names:


Base Coat: yellowed out

Polka Dots:ruby red,hot tamale,high line green,Blues clue


Base Coat:high line green

Polka Dots:Aruba Blue,yellowed out,hot tamale,ruby red


Base Coat:Blues clue

Polka Dots:yellowed out and ruby red


Base Coat:ruby red

Polka Dots:Aruba Blue,yellowed out,Blues clue, hot tamale


Base Coat:Teal Envy

Polka Dots: whiter than white,ruby red,Aruba Blue


I don’t know what has gotten into me lately,but I am into this whole angel devil thing.Not in a God way,but a my personality way. I am normally a good nice person, but when I’m bad oh boy take cover. The drinking and the swearing isn’t helping matters either. Maybe it has something to do with my being a Gemini,those closest to me say I definitely have a split personality thing going for me. When I need therapy I’ll let ya know.

Any who, I won a $200 tattoo at a beef and beef for one of my friends nieces who was born with birth defects. I can’t decide what I want to do there are so many options. I want to cover up a tattoo on the back of my neck I let a ex do while we were both drunk at 4 am in the morning (lesson learned). I want to get the tattoo of birds that I have on my stomach shaded in. Then there is the I want a whole new one. I definitely want a sexy angel devil tat. And I always wanted to get a SailorMoon tattoo as well.  While I am still making up my mind I did a angel devil nail design.


Left hand:

Base Coat: Santee Sky Blue

Wording: Ruby Kisses HD Whiter than White

Halo: N.Y.C Lexington Yellow


Right hand:

Base Coat: The Color Workshop Rose Red

Wording: SinfulColors Blacker on Black

Horns: N.Y.C Lexington Yellow

Pics of tattoo thoughts below

sailor_moon_2013_by_mcmugget-d5pjj88.png angel deviltat

Swatches Ruby Kisses and Ruby Kisses HD

What is a girl to do, waiting for her nails to grow back so unable to do art on her nails……swatches! I have the free time why the hell not.

ruby kisses logoRuby Kisses is one of my favorite polishes to buy, not only are the colors pretty, but there are cheap as well I get the bottles for a dollar a piece at the store where I buy my hair (if ya didn’t know I have weave in my hair most of the time). It is a creme base polish with smooth application and they also make glitter polish.

ruby kisses swatches

From left to right:

Tropical Blend
Pink Flamingo
Madmoiselle- sheer pink
Teal Envy
Blues Clue
Regaled Out Blue
Neon Green
Tropical Green
Yellowed Out
Orange U Over?
Red Cameo

ruby kisses swatches 2

From left to right:

Red Romance-red base with small rectangular hologram pieces and tiny circle hologram glitter
Blinged Out- clear base silver glitter
Baby Blue-clear base silver and blue glitter
Crazy Night Out-Purple hexagon glitter pieces and,purple glitter, and hologram glitter
All Purpled Out-clear base purple glitter
French White
Steel Magnolia
“Look At Me” Purple
Barbie Purple

Ruby Kisses HD

ruby kisses HD logo

Ruby Kisses HD swatches

From left to right:

Whiter than White
Tinkerbell Teal
Chocolate Romance
Spicy Apricot

Pre- Spring Nail art challenge Day 10 Ice Cream

So the idea for this was to paint each nail a different flavor and add jimmies to them. Can’t have ice cream without jimmies.

pre spring nail art challenge day 10 ice cream

Pistachio- Santee Vikini Green

Chocolate- Ruby Kisses HD Chocolate Romance

Lemon- Ruby Kisses Yellowed Out

Strawberry- Wet n Wild Tropicalia

Vanilla- Ruby Kisses HD Whiter than White

Sprinkles- Kiss Striper: Red, Blue, Green, Soft Purple, Yellow, White, Beach Pink and Ink Orange


Day 7 Pastel (tape mani) & Day 8 Jewellery

Oopss I missed a day but I mad it up by doing two mani’s in the same night.

Day 7- Pastel (tape mani)- Don’t judge this was a quick on off idea

pre spring nail art challenge pastel ( tape mani)

Base Coat: Ruby Kisses HD Whiter than White

Stripes (top to bottom)-Wet n Wild On a Trip,Ruby Kisses Yellowed Out and Teal Envy.

Flower Decal- Got at a 70’s party

Day 8-Jewllery

I bought these really interesting Earrings when I went to South Carolina so decided to kinda copy them.

lips earring

pre spring nail art challenge day 8 jewllery

Base Coat: Ruby Kisses HD Tinkerbell Teal

Lips Stamping plate-Bundle Monster BM02

Lips Color: Ruby Kisses Barbie Purple