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Pink and Red Cheetah Print

I still have not gone out and bought new  tips so  I can do acrylic manicures so I am using the full nails that I had left over from a long time ago. They barely stay on longer than a day, but I can paint them and take a picture before they start popping off.

red leopard over pink

O.P.I.- you glitter be good to me

L’Oreal- femme fatale

acrylic paint


#31DC2013-Inspried by a Song

For some reason I always think this part of the challenge would be easy I love music and have tons of songs on my Ipod, but when the day finally comes I draw a blank.

I finally got the idea from the Rhianna Chris Brown Song Birthday Cake. I do not like this song at all, but I catch myself out of the blue saying the chorus cake, cake, cake! I could not find a official video so this is what you get.

What better way to celebrate cake then cupcakes!

#31DC2013-Inspired by a songO.P.I. – you glitter be good to me

NYX – enchanted forrest

Funky Fingers jawbreaker

Light green acrylic paint

Pink gem