Glitter Matters over matching gradient

I’m back with another swatch from my 5 below run. Today is Glitter Matters it is a clear base with pink,white, and yellow multi size hexagon glitter again I paired it over a matching gradient. ** sorry for the bad clean up job**


glitter matters over matching gradient

Ruby Kisses pink flamingo

Ruby Kisses French white

H&M run baby run

Funky Fingers glitter matters

Saved by the Glitter over matching gradient

I picked up 3 new glitters at 5 Below a while ago and am still getting around to swatching them. Funky Fingers calls them neon Glitters, but I fine it a odd coincidence that the names are similar to 90′s TV shows.

Saved by the Glitter- Saved by the Bell

Glitter Matters- Family Matters

Glitter Explains it all- Clarissa Explains it all


My swatch for today is Saved by the Glitter it is a a clear base with multi sized blue, white and pink hexagon glitter.  I layered it over a gradient of like colors.  I am really getting the hang of this gradient thing and think it will be my calling.

Saved by the glitter over gradientRuby Kisses pink flamingo

Ruby Kisses French white

H & M blue my mind

Funky Fingers saved by the glitter

Red Cross

No I’m not donating blood, I just could not come up with a clever title for this one. One of my coworkers sorry ex-coworker had on a shirt with a white rhinestone cross surrounded by red gems. I did a rough sketch and told him I would do it on my nails one day. I went through my gems, which are now not organized due to my cats knocking the container over and mixing the colors and shapes , and realized I do not have enough red gems to do the design that I wanted to do.  I decided to make the crosses out of red gems on a accent finger and used clear caviar beads instead of more gems to surround the cross.  I kept the rest of the nails simple and I am in love with the look.

red crossRuby Kisses red cameo

L.A Colors black velvet

red gems

Clear caviar beads

Groovy Baby!

Wow! I am so proud of this mani it is so bright and shiny just like me ! I was cruising my local Walgreen’s for a hand towel, I use them to get my nail polish off of my nails, when I wandered happen to find myself in the nail polish section. I was looking at the press on nails and saw a pretty set that had tie-dyeish colors in a random patter with glitter on top. I was too tired to paint my nail that night and swore I would try the day and boy am I glad, they came out gorgeous! I might leave these on for a few days as they are so pretty!

groovy baby close up


groovy baby right hand

right hand

groovy baby left hand

left hand


groovy baby w flash

with flash


Ruby Kisses pink flamingo

Ruby Kisses tropical green

Ruby Kisses barbie purple

Ruby Kisses Teal Envy

N.Y.C lexington yellow

Wet N Wild kaleidoscope

Neon Stripes and Dots mani

Still going through all my picture files on my computer and found these cute designs on one of those Asian websites. I like the look I went for, but mad I did not take the time to make sure it looked good. I was in between doing my taxes, eating dinner, and watching Dancing with the Stars.  Spoiler Alert: One of the good dancers on there, Cody Simpson, was kicked off! Complete shock from me and everyone that was watching or was at the show.

Any who here is my creation:

stripes and dotsstripes and dots pt 2Ruby Kisses French white

Ruby Kisses pink flamingo

Zoya pippa

Ruby Kisses Teal Envy

Nail Polish by H & M manhunter

Black acrylic paint for stripes

Let The Games Begin Pop-arazzi !

I love when titles mesh together well. My swatches are continuing and my colors today are Fresh Paint Let The Games Begin and Hard Candy Pop-arazzi.

let the games begin is a gorgeous teal blue. It is part of their candy collection paying homage to Candy Crush.

let the games beging swatchpop-arazzi- contains a clear base with multi colored matte hexagon glitter pieces. It is part of the pop-art collection.

in sunlight

in sunlight

pop-arazzi over let the games begin pt2


Nail polish from Hawaii- Orange Pop + DWTS inspired mani Whitney’s jacket

One of my co-workers went away to Hawaii for vacation and brought me back a bottle of nail polish. Totally working on my around the World  nail polish collection , so far I have a bottler from Paris, and a  few from South Carolina. I’m not counting Pennsylvania as I live here. This polish did not come with a manufacture name, but did come in a cute bottle with a hibiscus flower engraved  on the top of the lid.

orange pop is a orange red cream base polish. I had to take a image of my left had as I already started the nail art on my right and forgot to take a photo.

orange pop swatch

Inspiration for this mani came from one of the professional dancers ( Whitney) warm-up jacket.  I should have stuck to the pink as I originally wanted, but I am trying to swatch all my new colors. My lines could have been crisper and I was rushing to finish so I could eat dinner. Will have to try this again in a different way.

whitneys jacketDWTS inspired mani whitney's jacket

DWTS inspired mani whitney's jacket pt 2

this picture shows more of the reddish hue

orange pop

black acrylic paint

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